Battle of the Bras

So I’ll start this off by saying it’s not exactly sewing/crafting based. So sue me.

I have been in a bra RUT. I have a surprising amount of bras and sports bras, but none of them are quite right. My pre-baby bras were old to begin with, and Henry’s 15 months old now sooooooooo you get the picture. I had a bunch of Brazi’s that I modded after the fact to have straight straps instead of crossed straps, but I was getting sick of wearing those every day. So in comes the Internet Bras.

Internet Bra – noun – bras that you always get ads for and can’t actually try on because they only exist on the internet and not any actual stores (not even Amazon!)

I really dislike when things aren’t in stores to try on (cough Tieks, Rothys, Allbirds cough) and I want to try them before dropping a wad of cash on them. It seems everything that has this problem is also stupid expensive. They usually have decent return policies, but it’s still a PITA. BUT, I was getting desperate and I wanted to try something that was targeted to larger cup sizes but still comfortable.

The Contenders

  • Knixwear
  • True&Co
  • ThirdLove
  • Trusst
  • Lively
  • Cosabella


Evolution 8-in-1

So this was the company that I was really eager to try. Their Evolution 8-in-1 bra is touted as “The most comfortable wireless bra in the world”. Their sizing is unique and goes high enough for larger-than-average breasts. Sounds great.

It. Wasn’t. Oh boy was it ever not great. For being the one I was most excited about, I was also the most let down by it. Wah wah.

  1. It was ITCHY. SO. ITCHY. I seriously couldn’t believe how itchy the fabric was. Their return policy is great though, and encourages you to wash and wear a few times to really get the idea of how it works for you. So I washed it since that usually takes care of any residual itchy bits on clothing. No. No it did not. It was a combination of the fabric feeling a bit weird against my skin, and of really awful stitching. The stitching was the itchiest bits, it was like they didn’t take care to use good thread, or have it tight (wrong word but eh) enough into the fabric that it didn’t stand out and rub.
  2. The bands were tight. I know bra bands need to be tight since the band should be more supportive than the straps. I knoooooooooooooooooow. But this was a whole nother issue. The edging around the bra (top and bottom) was thicker like it had elastic in it, to support. But it didn’t just lay against my skin. It constantly flipped up and down, AUDIBLY. I actually put one of them on, and did side bends back and forth to hear it click. Mike was there and was SUPER confused on what I was doing. Because besides the itchy factor, this bra made noise every time I moved.
  3. The sizing is DUMB. You have to take a “sizing quiz” before it’ll ever show you the sizing chart. **eye roll** I know how a bra should fit, and what problems (muffin topping, straps digging in, etc) can be solved by a change in size. But once you’ve gone through the quiz, you can actually finally see their sizing. As a 34DDD/F, it says I am a size 6. So I ordered a size 6 (two, actually). And then I sent them back immediately and got size 7’s instead. They were still very tight in the band. It probably would’ve loosened up a bit with wear but it was too tight to wear long enough to have that happen. Not to mention there was some intense muffin topping in the ‘cups’ and underarms. With both sizes. I think the max size is an 8, but I don’t even think that would’ve been big enough overall. I really don’t like “8 sizes fits all” sizing. Breasts are so vastly different from person to person that it’s silly to assume that so few sizes will work for everyone! I bet these bras would work great for smaller band sizes with smaller cup sizes. Not something I’ll ever experience personally.

The good? Their customer service was good. It was easy to exchange the size 6’s for size 7’s. It was slightly harder to return the exchanged sizes, but their support email got back to me within a couple days, and I could process it right away. I’m cool with free returns.

Verdict: Try it if you’re on the smaller end of the sizing spectrum. I can’t attest to everybody’s personal reaction to the fabric, it was just stupid itchy for ME. The prices are the best of all the ones I tried at $55 each. I bought two to try (padded and not) to hit the $75 requirement for free shipping. And the return shipping was also free, so trying these was cost free in the end.


True Body Lift Scoop Neck Full Cup Bra

The thing that drew me to True&co was that they have a similar style of everyday bras as knix, but with a little less structure to them. I have no desire to wear a “real” bra day to day. (Also it’s hard to handstand in an underwire!) I went for their “True Body Lift Scoop Neck Full Cup Bra” aaaaaaand now I’m out of breath 😉

I now have three of these bras, if that tells you anything.

  1. Sizing on this one is still dumb. They have a fit quiz, but you do not have to do it to get to their sizing chart (see below). But the difference on these is that they created ones that are the same in the BAND as the smaller-breasted options, but created fuller cups for the larger-breasted options instead of just increasing things overall. I love that they did this even for smaller band sizes, because as a relatively-normal 34DDD/F, I couldn’t imagine how it would be to find a 30DDD/F! I purchased M – Full Cup.
  2. It’s definitely an “everyday” bra, I could wear it 24/7 and be fine. It is NOT a ‘bra’ bra though, and it’s pretty uniboob-y. Gives a little bit of definition, more than a sports bra.
  3. Comfy comfy comfy.

Verdict: These ones are my favorite out of all of the ones I tried. I have three, I love them. They’re super comfortable. The fabric is soft, the fit is tight without being constricting. At $58 each, it’s super similar pricing to Knix. I think these were worth the cost, especially for how much I wear them. Here’s my referral link which should give you $15 off (new customers only).


Pima Cotton

ThirdLove is the company that I receive the most ads for. These are “real” bras, so not everyday wear for me. I purchased two, 24/7 Pima Cotton T Shirt and 24/7 Perfect Coverage.

  1. Sizing is normal band-and-cup sizing. I purchased both in 34F.
  2. Bands – I really like the banding on the Pima Cotton bra. It’s soft and doesn’t put too much pressure in any one place. The Perfect Coverage bra is much more traditional in it’s banding but it’s still okay.
  3. Cups – both very similar. I always get poked in my armpits a bit from underwires, no matter which bra. I think it’s just part of my anatomy.
  4. Straps – I like the straps on the Perfect Coverage better as they are thicker and softer.

Verdict: I’m keeping both of these. They fit much better than my pre-baby bras and they’re comfortable enough for wearing for longer periods of time. I did wear one on a long walk, but it wasn’t the best. I would just really prefer to wear a sports bra/bralette (cough true&co cough). At $68 each, the price is starting to creep up. But this is the norm in the bra world, which is BULL, honestly. Gotta wear them but can’t buy a good one for a reasonable amount. Grumble. Referral link.



This one I found not via any ads – but because I literally searched “internet bras” into google. Shrug. It worked, so whatever.

I bought a Dahlia bra in 36E. It’s a traditional underwire bra but it’s a bit weird (not in a bad way) under the cups.

  1. The cups are ‘molded’. This usually just means the cups are foam that’s sewn together in a way that gives room for your boobs? Maybe? but these are not only a thinner foam that’s in more pieces than normal, but the bottom of the cup has a larger (plastic) piece that supports from below.
  2. The multiple-piece cups mean more seams, which means this bra is less ‘invisible’ under shirts. I haven’t run into any shirt that makes it too visible for me though. I mean, yeah I’m wearing a bra, who cares if you can maybe sorta see the seams. I did end up buying the Dahlia over the Naomi because the seams on that just looked SO intense. (I might still try that someday!)
  3. The straps and front of the cups have a bit of lace on them. I wish they didn’t though, as the lace is **sigh** itchy. I can’t win on the itchiness!

Verdict: I like the unique cups on this. It’s kinda a pushup, but not? My boobs were much higher than usual, which made me a little disconcerted at first, but darn they look good. Guess that’s what a real bra will do for you when you only wear bralettes/sports bras. At $64 each (Naomi is $68) it’s not bad. No free shipping on this one though, so booooo on that. I might try the Naomi at some point, because it’s got a bit of a different band system that looks interesting.


Busty Bralette

I almost forgot about this bra because I bought it a long time ago. The so called “busty bralette“.

  1. It’s cute. Hanging on a hanger. And on me, if I stand perfectly still. 😉
  2. It’s completely unsupportive. It’s COMPLETELY decorative. Seriously. I move the slightest bit and I’m falling out. God forbid I bend over. I tried to do a handstand in it once because I thought I’d give it another try. I didn’t just pop out a bit, I both boobs came straight out. Whoops.

Verdict: Laughable. The cheapest on the list ($35) but definitely not worth it. I can sew something similar for much less, if I wanted something to look pretty in while laying down. <3 (Referral link $10 off, new customers only.)


Never Say Never Curvy Bralette

This is the only bra on the list that I didn’t purchase (yet). They’re the first actual “bralette” for “curvy” people that looks like it might have support. The Never Say Never Curvy Bralette. All over lace isn’t really my thing, as I definitely have issues with itchiness. So until they get one that’s not lace, I’ll hold off.

Overall Ratings

  1. True&co – comfortable everday wear, a bit unibooby
  2. Trusst – unique cups and larger sizes
  3. ThirdLove – interesting band (pima cotton)
  4. Knixwear – might work for others, better for smaller breasts
  5. Lively – large breasts need not apply

Cosabella isn’t on the list as it’s not been tried, but I figured I’d include it in general as to raise awareness that it exists.

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