BINGOMG Final Update

Well y’all. I finished BINGOMG back on April 11th, with the completion of Little Bird. I waited until the next submission period (May 1) to post the rest of the 7-item entries. I wanted to do things clumped in groups (hats, neckwear, more hats and neckwear, cozies and misc, and sweaters) but realized that I didn’t have a picture of one of my FO’s because I had already given it to my mom (the Gift square, obviously!!). Once she got back to me with a pic (thanks Mom!) I was able to finish submitting today.

I present to you, my final collage:

There are a lot of cozies and hats and neck things. A LOT of red, due to leftovers from Eased.

I’m glad I’m done. Time to just be the casual observer/cheerleader for the rest of the blackout hopefuls. You can do it, guys!