Completed Fall Mini Capsule!

I’m done! I made it! With days to spare, even!! 😀 It was not without it’s fair share (more, maybe?) of cursing, and a little bit of woe. Two items I had originally planned didn’t work out – at least not right now. They’ve been put aside for another day. I did manage to make nine items and a boatload of outfits! On to the show!



  • Carefree Cardigan
  • Essential Tank
  • Pumpkin Spice Dolman
  • Sweetheart Skirt
  • Mama Nina
  • Favorite Tee Dress
  • Mama Isabel
  • SOS Pants
  • Sweet Tee

The Mama Nina and the Sweet Tee are the replacements for both of my modified Sunshine tops. I had finished one, mostly, and decided it was just not for me right now. I was really disappointed, but I just couldn’t bother to try to fix it to make it something I would really love. Instead, Mama Nina was just released by Made for Mermaids and I fell in love with it instantly! I knew it was going to be at least one of my replacements, even though it meant that I was going to have three dresses in this capsule. I do love having dresses, especially ones that can go from summer to fall/winter with the addition of leggings. I think both the Favorite Tee Dress and Mama Nina fall solidly in this category. The Sweet Tee was my desperate attempt to make something out of the same teal-ish fabric I had already cut for one of my sunshine tops, that would go with the Sweetheart Skirt.

I’ve got a lot of notes on these items and will go more in depth into them in the next few posts. I just wanted to share my happy news – I’m done!

Stay tuned!

Edit: Dresses recap up here. Bottoms recap here. Tops recap here.