Cross My Heart Cami v1

I’m baaaack! I’ve been sewing a bunch lately and might eventually get around to sharing some other finished sews on here, but today I wanted to write about the new Cross My Heart Cami pattern from Patterns for Pirates. It takes a basic knit camisole pattern and packages it with a bunch of different length, neckline, and decorative strap options. I’m really excited about it and eventually want to try to make a strappy sports bra with some supportive modifications à la this post, but I decided to start with just the basic cami with plain straps to get comfortable sewing the bindings.

I would like a series of solid camis to layer under tops, since my $2 Forever 21 camis are starting to get holes, but I didn’t have any appropriate solid knits and I wanted to sew from my tiny stash, so I raided this mystery pack of 1/2 to 1 yard remnants I got from Pretty Posh Prints. I decided to go with the middle top floral. It’s a mystery fabric to me, but it’s soft, lightweight but opaque, and very stretchy.

I sewed a straight size M for my first attempt, but I cut two backs because I like v-neck camis. I don’t have a serger, so I did all this on my sewing machine. I really struggled with the bindings at first, but luckily you get a lot of practice with bindings with this top and I think each one got a little better than the last.

The first neckline binding I did is on the bottom. You can see how I really struggled with that one and the next one was better.


I ended up having to shorten the straps by about 3 inches each after they were finished because they were way too long. I think I could have gotten away with shortening them a little less because now the armpits are a little high, but I’m happy with it for my first attempt.

All done!


To shorten the straps, I just folded them and sewed across in the back, then tacked down the excess. It’s actually pretty hard to tell unless you’re looking for it, which I’m happy with.

Almost can’t see where I shortened the straps.


I also found I have some excess width in the bust area, but it fits great through the waist and hips. Based on my overbust, full bust, waist, and hips measurements, I should be a straight M, but I might try grading the S bust to the M waist on my next version to see if it helps with the excess fabric.

Trying to show the excess fabric here. I’m not stretching it at all.


I used a zig zag stitch for all the seams and the hem, but a straight stitch for the top stitching on the bindings. I did two (mostly) parallel lines of top stitching on the straps both to catch all the binding material as well as for a more finished look. I also tried wash away hem tape for the first time on this and it was really helpful! I haven’t washed it yet so I’m wearing it with the hem tape still intact today, but the hem is wide enough that it doesn’t need to stretch over my hips anyway, so it’s not an issue.

Of course I had to wear it right away. Here is how I styled it for work (I have a casual work environment).


And here it is without the scarf. I really like the v-neck in the front.


For my next one, along with grading the bust, I think I want to try the low X straps in the back, now that I’m a little more comfortable sewing the bindings. The sports bra version will wait until I figure out the fit in the bust.

Overall, this was a fairly quick project and I think subsequent ones will be even faster now that I know what I’m doing!