Fall Mini Capsule – Bottoms

I opted for two bottom pieces for my capsule: a Sweetheart Skirt and SOS Pants. The pants are actually a holdover from the Spring Mini Capsule – I had planned them way back when but wasn’t sure I’d be able to finish in the allotted time.

Sweetheart Skirt:

This pattern, really just a circle skirt, gave me more of a headache than it should have. I had two yards of this fabric, bought on clearance for an incredible price. I knew it needed to be something flowy AF. Circle skirt it is! BUT WAIT UP. I want this skirt to be as long as possible, given my size and fabric limitations. The Sweetheart pattern showed how to do the waist cutout and measure, but I was seriously second guessing myself. So I proceeded to go to roughly 5 different circle skirt calculators. I went to the hive-mind of our sewing channel in Slack. I thought and thought and calculated and calculated, and everything said it wouldn’t be possible. Really, every calculator was like, “you might be able to make a mini skirt if you’re careful”. I was totally and completely crushed. What to doooooooooooooooooooooooooooo? Well, follow the pattern of course. Cross your fingers, say out loud, “Fuck it we’ll do it live.”  Then cut and hope for the best. Well, shockingly enough, it worked. 🙄


Pictured here with the two tops that go with it: Essential Tank and Sweet Tee. I think I’ll make a couple more neutral Sweet Tees to go with it, it turned out quite nice despite not being planned originally.

Bonus twirly pic 😀 I just had to.

SOS Pants

For srs, these pants were so freaking hard to photograph. You’ll get to see much more of them in my next post with the tops!

I was hesitant about these pants until I put them on with all the various tops that I made. On their own, unworn, they look like an eccentric grandma’s pants. “Look at my floral butt, look at it!” But once I got a couple pics of them in outfits, I decided they were definitely for me. The fabric is stretchy without warping the pattern. They’ll be quite warm, without being too thick. While they’re a little short (I could’ve added 1-2″ pre-hemming and been happy), I plan on wearing them almost exclusively with boots or booties. I’m excited to have a comfortable pair of pants for fall.