Fall Mini Capsule – Dresses

There ended up being three dresses in my Fall Mini Capsule. There’s a Mama Isabel, Favorite Tee Dress, and the new Mama Nina.

Mama Isabel:

  • Pattern: Mama Isabel from Made for Mermaids
  • Size: Green
  • Modifications: None (not even for height!)
  • Options: One tulip, one straight skirt. Long sleeves.
  • Fabric: Floral Scuba from Fabricmart

The moment I saw this fabric on Fabricmart, I knew I needed it. It was on a fantastic sale (of course it was) and the only problem I had was how many yards to get! I decided on 7, a ridiculously large number – so that I could 1: take advantage of the flat-rate shipping, and 2: share the leftovers from whatever I made with my friends. I ended up with roughly 5.5 yards, as they had sold too much of it. This was still a huge amount of one fabric, so I really wasn’t worried. I knew it was going to be something big, and Mama Isabel was it.

I have made a couple of Mama Isabels that I haven’t shared here yet. The fit or fabric was meh, and the dress-length tulip hem was very…revealing. I knew I would want to size up for this one, as the fabric pattern would be affected by the stretch across my bust. I also wanted it to be more comfortable and have a little less cleavage showing. I think this fit the bill.

I could wear a tank under it if needed, or some sort of modesty panel. But I really do think it is also fine as is.

The one-tulip-skirt feature is really nice. It means I can have a little leg showing if I want, but not have to worry about flashing people. The coverage is great.

Overall, I really like this pattern. I like it better in the thicker fabrics like this scuba, but I bet it would work really nicely with a non-clingy lightweight knit. My first try was with rayon spandex and it was just way too clingy for my liking.

Favorite Tee Dress:

I wanted to make a Favorite Tee since Judy’s preview on IG. I was hesitant about doing so though, because the hem options were all pretty but not super me. The split hem is like a butt flap to me, and curved hems frequently seem the same. I did like the look of the knot banded hem, but after reading the instructions for it, I knew that wasn’t going to happen soon (need more wins under my belt). I do, however, like it with just a straight hem. To achieve this look, I started at the curved dress length marking on the fold, and just extended it out. I followed the line of the side seam down and basically just guesstimated.

As much as I wanted to do a v-neck, I remember the hours it took me to do the one on Mama Ava and decided that the scoop would look better in dress form. One day, I will conquer the v-neck and then all the v-necks will be MINE! **evil laugh**

I know the picture quality is iffy but I really love how this looks with a small knot on the side seam. I pulled up a 4-5″ tail starting at the side seam hem and made a simple knot, tucking in the end. It’s kinda like a bodycon dress but with a little forgiveness.

I’m really pleased with the length, especially since I mostly guessed at how it’d turn out with the straight hem. It works well with my new Carefree Cardigan, which will be nice when it starts to get chilly out.

Mama Nina:

What is not to love about a raglan sleeved swing dress with a high-low hem? I mean, come on. It’s like I was being pandered to with the release of this pattern. It’s exactly what I was looking for without having to mash together a bunch of other patterns! 😍 I foresee myself making a bunch more of these, so much so that I already have the next one planned, fabric and all.

This was the pattern construction / fit / look that I have been waiting for. It was simple and quick. It looks good. It is a major, major confidence builder and exactly what I needed after the Sunshine failure of yesterday.

This dress is very forgiving! I used a fairly lightweight knit – viscose jersey – and it hangs beautifully. This fabric is seriously awesome. It’s very, very soft and lent itself to hemming very nicely. I have another item in the capsule out of it (Essential Tank) and unfortunately Nina took almost all the rest. I might have to just buy more, oh DARN.

Even with the lack of contrast, I think you can tell that this dress also pairs very nicely with the Carefree Cardigan!


With a total of four items (these dresses and the Carefree Cardigan), I have made five outfits so far. Nina will also go far outfit wise, in fall, when I get to wear all sorts of patterned leggings under it. I’d also like to note that I made Nina earlier today and it was the last thing that I modeled for my pictures. And I have yet to take it off. I may never take it off. I really, really, really, really like it you guys. Sewing WIN!