Fall Mini Capsule – Everything Else ;)

And now for everything else. We’ve still got two cardigans, a dress, yoga pants, and ME-MADE JEANS!

Scarf Neck Cardigan:

  • Fabric: Designer ends from Surge
  • Size – Large

I’ve got a RTW cardigan that I really love that’s got a similar shape. I’ve been trying to replicate it for a while with little success. This one’s close but not quite right. I love the length of the sleeves, but I wish it was longer in the body as well.

Capsule Cardigan:

  • Fabric: Vixen french terry from Sly Fox
  • Size: large
  • Options: Hidden phone pocket

Unfortunately the sleeves are too short for my liking on this one. It doesn’t sit quite right either. Not my favorite item, but will still get some occasional use. I’ll size up on the next one and lengthen the sleeves quite a bit.

Wiggle Dress:

  • Fabric: Lipstick red DBP from Sly Fox
  • Size: XL
  • Options: Elbow sleeves, above knee hem

I pretty much fall into a straight XL except for the hips which are a large. I went with the full XL anyways to see where I would need to take it in. Turned out to need to take in a lot at the hips, surprising exactly nobody. It was an interesting exercise in self marking adjustments. Pictured above with no shapewear, it’s “okay”. I’ve already worn it on a date night with some black leggings and it was A+. I need a little help keeping everything in check, and that’s okay!

Yoga Pants:

  • Fabric: athletic somethingornother that I have no idea where I got it!
  • Size: Large

These turned out well with zero mods. Fold over waistband is nice for when it’s chilly and I can just unfold it. Overall a great staple in a SAHM’s wardrobe.

But now last but definitely not least…

Ginger Jeans:

  • Fabric: Stretch denim from Pacific Fabrics
  • Size: 14 (stupid sewing sizes, grumble grumble)
  • Options: View B – high rise

These have been sneakily in almost all of the capsule pictures so far! Any picture where I’m in jeans, I’m in these. Can I get a “What what?!” 😀 😀

So this was a biiiiiiiiiit of a learning curve. Like, having to actually follow directions. And looking up videos multiple times. And taking way too many pictures of my own butt. **breathes**

The crotch curve on this pattern is so vastly different from the one I use for pegs that I was hesitant to adjust it on my first go. I really wish I would have though, as I needed to adjust the curve something awful, and I didn’t realize that until things were topstitched. It was only a slight nightmare to fix, and I had to do the waistband twice as a result. The pockets still aren’t in the best place, but it’s the best I could do on my own, even with all the butt-fies.

The fly was shockingly easy. The waistband was finicky AF. But in the end, I can say I made a pair of jeans and they fit. A true sewing miracle! Next time I make jeans I might use the class I purchased to make a pattern from existing jeans. I’ve got a pair of incredibly high waisted, super skinny can-barely-get-them-on jeans that I would love to replicate with the correct length and rise. It’s good to have goals, right?


Most of the items in this expanded ‘capsule’ are truly everyday wearable. And that’s really the point.

A+ would sew again.