Fall Mini Capsule – Tops

There ended up being a lot of tops in my “capsule”. I change my shirt probably at least once a day (thanks, drool monster!) so it makes sense.

Mama Stella:

  • Fabric: Plaid brushed hacci from Allielane
  • Size: Indigo
  • Options: plain front and back
  • Mods: none?

It was a bit of a happy accident on the plaid matching on the front. I didn’t even notice until I took pictures of it! I really like the fit of this shirt, a little relaxed but not frumpy.

Sweet Tee:

  • Fabric: a grey/coral floral (badumtsh) from Joann’s
  • Size: XL
  • Options: straight hem, short sleeve

I like this pattern better with the curved hem. That’s pretty much all I learned from this. It’s comfy, though.

Slim Fit Raglan:

  • Fabric: black rayon spandex for the body, blue/black floral lace from Fabricland way back when
  • Size: XL
  • Options: Elbow length sleeves, banded
  • Mods: lowered neck by 2″

I’m glad I banded the sleeves, and hemming lace is a PITA. This is really comfy because of the rayon spandex, and a little dressy because of the lace.


  • Fabric: a gold foil from Pretty Posh Prints, lined with black cotton lycra
  • Size: XL Tall
  • Options: elastic leg bands

I’m so disappointed in this fabric. One wash and it was ruined. ONE. ONEEEEEEEEEEE. Absolutely ruined. Utter waste.

Pattern was fine. I don’t really have a use for a bodysuit but I thought it’d be nice to layer over.

Layer Me Up:

Okay so I made four of these. Whoops not whoops?


  • Fabric: Moonstruck SBP from Sly Fox, black DBP
  • Size: XL
  • Options: long sleeves, bands, cuffs

This fit PERFECTLY, so hence the next three.


  • Fabric: a large-print floral DBP. Possibly from So Sew English?
  • Size: XL
  • Options: Long sleeves, bands, cuffs


  • Fabric: Lipstick Red DBP from Sly Fox, Black DBP
  • Size: XL
  • Options: elbow sleeves, bands, cuffs

This was the last of the red from my wiggle. It used it up really really well!


  • Fabric: Black DBP and Moonstruck again
  • Size: XL
  • Options: elbow sleeves, bands, cuffs

I had to use every last scrap of moonstruck! <3 <3 This and #3’s black accents are literally the last tiny bit of the black DBP I had as well.


Besides the Juliet, I wear all of these on a regular rotation. I call that a success.