Fall Mini Capsule – Tops

Last, but definitely not least, are the tops from my capsule. There’s four: Sweet Tee, Essential Tank, Pumpkin Spice Dolman, and Carefree Cardigan.

Sweet Tee:

  • Pattern: Sweet Tee by Patterns for Pirates
  • Size: XXL
  • Modifications: Adjusted the side seams at the hips, and shortened the band to match.
  • Options: Short sleeves, banded shirt length.
  • Fabric: Rayon spandex from who knows where.

Like the Mama Isabel, I’ve made a couple Sweet Tees that I have yet to share. The sizing has been off, which has been a major theme with me. I like dolmans, but I think I just keep making this out of the wrong fabric. Too clingy in all the wrong places. So out of frustration, I sized up from a Large to XXL for this top. I should have graded to the XL hips, as the place I wanted the most room was in the bust. I basically wanted to get a tee that was smack dab in between the Sweet Tee and PSD in terms of ease. When I make more of this (and I will), I’ll grade from XXL top to XL hips, and use the XL band measurement.

This top works with the Sweetheart Skirt and SOS Pants from the previous post, as well as skinny jeans.

It also works well with the Carefree Cardigan (pictured here with the SOS and skinny jeans).

Essential Tank:

(Let’s take a picture of a solid black tank and pretend you can see something!)

This was my first attempt at the Essential Tank. I like it in theory, but unfortunately I chose to do bindings on the neck/arms instead of the bands that I’m used to. The fabric is oddly thick with a binding, and I’m not super happy with how it sits. But as the layering piece it was intended as, it works great. I don’t really wear tank tops on their own, so I’m okay with this. Just a note to self, do the t-shirt bands for the next one(s).

(Pfft you can’t even tell I have it on there. BUT I DO.)

Pumpkin Spice Dolman:

This is not my first foray into PSD’ing. I opted for long sleeves, because this is after all the Fall Mini Capsule. The hem is a bit wavy but I think I could steam it flat if I really cared.

This fabric is really, really lightweight, which was a challenge while sewing with it. In hindsight I should have adjusted the differential feed a bit more, but I know for the next time I use something this light. It feels like air while being worn though, quite comfortable.

Carefree Cardigan:

I had originally dismissed this cardigan due to the first couple of featured pics I had seen of it. I think I was turned off by the fabric choices, and by the belted option. But once I saw Judy’s hack for the top button, I knew it was going to be for me. It’s really similar to the Sunset Infinity Cardigan I made, even so much so that it’s in the same fabric but just black instead of purple. Oversized and cozy, but this is able to be worn open which…opens it up to being worn over dresses as well. I like the green button as a pop of color on an otherwise very grey piece.

This cardigan is surprisingly versatile. It goes over two dresses (Mama Nina and Fav Tee), the Sweet Tee, and the Essential Tank. When paired with the SOS pants or skinny jeans, it completes the most outfits.


With the dresses, bottoms, tops, and a pair of skinny jeans – I’ve got I think 17 different outfits.  Change up the shoes for boots/booties/heels, add some leggings…I’ve got a ton of options! So glad I was able to finish this capsule on time. Now to put most of the items away because it’s still in the 80’s here and that’s not going to change for at least a month. (I’ll rave about it again, I cannot help myself – NINA IS NOT GOING AWAY. Need. More. Ninas.)