Fast FOs – Soap Sweaters!

I’m pretty sure that soap sweaters don’t count for NaKniSweMo…but I don’t care!

I finished Rowe yesterday and needed something small and complete-able. Mike also dug out the hotel soaps from our honeymoon a little under a year ago, and boom the idea for soap sweaters was born. It helped to already have feltable yarn on my desk from Rowe, and US5 DPNs in my desk drawer. Kismet? Is that the word?

Westin Soap

Stayed for 10 days, 7 soaps came home with us

Love the smell of the Westin soap, which is good since my whole desk smells like it right now. ANYWAYS.

I made the pattern up as I went on the first one because they are an abnormal shape. It ended up being symmetric because the sweater is supposed to be a tight fit.

Magic ring cast on 5 stitches.

  • Kfb around
  • Knit 2 rounds
  • [Kfb, k1] around
  • Knit 2 rounds
  • [Kfb, k2] around
  • Knit 2 rounds
  • [Kfb, k3] around
  • Knit 8 rounds
  • [k2tog, k3] around
  • Knit 2 rounds
  • [k2tog, k2] around
  • Knit 2 rounds
  • [k2tog, k1] around
  • Knit 2 rounds
  • Insert soap
  • K2tog around
  • Cut yarn and pull through loops. Tuck in end.

I timed it (Rowe has unleashed a knitting timer in me) and it took me 18 minutes from cast on to ends woven in. Twice. Yay, quick projects!!

Soap Sweaters Soap Sweaters

The yarn ends up felting around the soap and creating a lather – and protecting your sink edge from dried on soap bits. Win-win.

I also opted to embroider on the leaf detail from the original bar design, in a darker brown that I had on hand. I like it.

Before and After

Before and After