FO and a class review – Pendleton Tote from Fancy Tiger Crafts

While I work on getting my craft room and office in ship shape, I’ve taken the opportunity to enroll in some sewing classes at Fancy Tiger Crafts, a local craft supply shop. Overall, I would recommend taking any of their classes. They provide all of the equipment, no lugging your machine to and fro! All you have to do is bring the required supplies in the required condition, and a knowledgeable instructor will lead you through the rest. And there seems to be plenty of time allotted for even the newest sewists to finish their project.

I am able to fit a huge load of pursey type items in this bag, and it will even fit my GIANT work laptop! It’s not very well cushioned for things like a heavy laptop, though, so I probably won’t end up using it for that. One side of the lining has a row of pockets with spots for pens, phone, and wallet. The other side as a little patch pocket near the top for keys!

The whole project requires a panel of Pendleton wool, or about 1/2 yard of thick wool fabric, and an equal amount of quilting cotton or other lining. Honestly the most difficult part of this whole process was choosing which of the amazing Pendleton patterns to use, and then choosing which side of the Pendleton fabric to be my “right side.” And after all that, choosing which of the hundreds of fabrics they carry for my lining.

One quick thing to keep in mind when choosing lining fabrics for a project like this is that you don’t want something super dark, because then you’ll never find anything in the bottom. And you don’t want anything super light because it will get nasty really quickly. So you want to try to pick something in the middle, and with a low contrast pattern.

Overall I am very pleased with the quality of the bag and the quality of the class. I am absolutely looking forward to making more bags in the future. Perhaps I’ll be able to walk you guys through something similar!