FO Friday – Adama (take two!)

Another week, another Adama? Told you this was going to be a problem!

  • PatternAdama, Project Page
  • Yarn: Cascade 220 SW in Silver Grey– leftover from Marcel
  • Size: one size
  • Needle size: US9
  • Modifications:
    • Only did rows 6-9 of the lace. I was going to modify for arrowhead lace, but it was already basically the same, but just offset? So I removed the offset and just repeat the same two lace rows for the whole lace section.
  • Comments:
    • I cast on at 12:30pm. Left work at 4pm with 13ish rows left. Finished the rest during breaks in between raid bosses (because it was Wednesday, duh) and a couple episodes of The Simpsons. I’d guess it took 5 hours max, if you include time for blocking.
    • Definitely doesn’t take 300 yards.
      • I had no idea on the first one since I had used a partial skein of a very large normal skein.
      • I ran out of yarn on this with 1.5 rows, and BO left. I’d guess 240 yards at the very max.
      • One large Worsted skein would work.
      • Alternatively, you can leave off the last stockinette section and it’ll be done in 200.
    • I think this’ll get a lot more wear than the first because 220SW is so much softer, and grey goes with more of my clothes than beige. We’ll see.
    • I actually ended up “blocking” it by throwing it in the washer and dryer. It’s not as open as it could be, but it’s warm as heck.