FO Friday – Drachenfels

The three of us are all in a group on Ravelry that does bi-monthly knit-a-longs (KALs) which correspond to a theme, and have several options for the pattern to be knit. In this case, the KAL theme is shawls, and I chose to make a shawl for Team OtterShawl (an “other” shawl pattern that isn’t one of the official options.)  And once my decision was made, I placed an immediate order with Knit Picks and waited for my beautiful Andean Treasure sport weight to arrive.

I wanted a color scheme that was autumnal and earthy, so I chose three colors in straw, pumpkin, and merlot; or in this case Prairie Heather, Mesa Heather, and Ember Heather. And the funny thing, is that when they arrived I realized that they are 100% Gryffindor colors. It’s particularly embarrassing as I am a proud Ravenclaw, but I carried on (despite my mental anguish).

I’ve gone back and forth on my knitting style, and how to categorize what motivates me to finish a project.  I hope I don’t sound too “Stay Out of my Namaste Space,” but I think I’m the most motivated when I don’t plan too far ahead, and I knit mindfully. As I finish a project, I have the most luck when I decide what I most feel like knitting next, and plowing through that, single-mindedly, until it’s finished.

Pattern Details and Materials:

My only modifications were running out of 2 of the yarn colors a bit early and correspondingly cutting short the numbers of repeats in the striped and edging sections.

For additional information like, yardage used and etc, see the Ravelry project page.

Drachenfels Pattern Review:

Honestly, it was as clear as clear can be. I got a little tired of the garter stitch by the end, but the slip stitch design elements and the overall size is perfect for a shawl to cozy up in. The guidance on needle sizes for the I-cord bind-off is exactly right, and I recommend the previous knitters’ advice to add a YO at the color-switch edge to add to its flexibility (do a YO near the edge, and drop it on the way back).

Knit Picks Andean Treasure Review:

I’m not sure of the durability in this yarn, but it seems well suited for shawls. I’ve had no issues with the color bleeding or fading, and they seemed accurate to what I see in my computer monitor. The yarn is very very soft, and if you like alpaca fiber, this yarn poses nothing objectionable.