Last/this week I went a little overboard on the hats, making a total of 5 hats between Thursday and Monday. I guess I was just in an instant gratification mood? Also, I was determined to use the rest of the yarn from Eased. There’s only so many things you can do with a somewhat scratchy bulky-weight yarn and most of them are hats!

Hat 1:

I started out with Elizabeth, by Jane Richmond. (Project Page)

It’s basically just a long tube with very fast decreases at the end. I am not the biggest fan of slouchy hats personally, as I always worry if they’re slouching in the right way. This’ll be a gift eventually, I’m sure.

Hat 2:

Next up is Betsy, also by Jane Richmond. (Project Page) Maybe Jane Richmond had the same problem I did? 😀

This one is a lacy beanie. Much more my style! It’s relatively big, so it won’t affect your hair. If you ever style it, that is (whoops).

Hat 3:

On the same day as Betsy, I pounded out this mishmash hat (project page). I used the stitch count from Gridiron Hat and the ribbing from Annie Cowl (man I sure was in a Jane Richmond mood). Winged the decreases.

This hat is borderline Rastafarian. It’s pretty freaking huge, so I’ll have to find someone with a giant head to gift it to. Along with it’s matching cowl (needs grafting still…).

Hat 4:

This is a very reluctant hat. Not because it was butts-boring (it was) but because it was in RHSS. Acrylic square, yanno. Classic Cuffed Hat by Purl Soho. (Project Page)

Anyhoo, it’s freaking huge, considering I did the child’s size. I cast this on to mindlessly knit while watching Planet Earth and it did it’s job. I finished it up with a mediumish pom, but it still needs a conditioner bath, bad. Eventually.

Hat 5:

Lastly we’ve got the Quick Stocking Hat. (Project Page)

It really is quick, and it fits nicely. Looking at it now, I might use the whole 48 yards I have left in this yarn and make a little pom to go on top? Who doesn’t love a pom?


I need to up my hat-selfie game. Any tips would be appreciated!