FO Friday – January BINGOMG Update

Well it’s almost the end of January, 1/12th of the way into BINGOMG. Let’s see where I stand:

You have seen my first submitted BINGOMG: Socks, Mittens, Pocket, Stashbust, iCord, Orange, and Buttons.

But since then I’ve finished:

  • A myriad of cozies (Intarsia, Steeking, Useless, unassigned, stripes)
  • Another couple cozies (Stranded, Hood)

  • A cowl (Alpaca)
  • A bracelet (Beads)
  • A dishcloth (Cotton)
  • An octopus (toy)
  • A sweater (Old WIP)

Along with a variety of unassigned items!

I feel it’s pretty much up to the “5 Sweaters” square now, as I can start filling in elsewhere when I need to. Looking good, for being a twelfth of the way in.