FO Friday – Lila Cowl

I cast on the Lila Cowl last Saturday. It was something I could knit without having to pay a whole lot of attention while family was in town. Mission, accomplished.

  • PatternLila Cowl, Project Page
  • Yarn: Boatload of Tell Tell Yarn’s Tidal Twinkle (Okay, not a boatload. A mini skein set and a bit of three other colors. A full skein and a little bit of black. Super specific, I know!)
  • Needle size: US5
  • Mods:
    • Did the “beginner” version
    • DK weight instead of sport.
    • Two repeats of each color, with a stripe of black in between all.

There are two different versions of the pattern. It is a free pattern, which is nice… but one of the two is wrong! No worries, the easier one is actually right, and looks better imo. It’s just using YO’s instead of lifted increases, and you ktbl the YO’s on the next row.

This went by so quickly, was a LOVELY change of pace from Rowe. 😀 😀 😀