FO Friday – Lilli Pilli

Got over my slump and finished off my Lilli Pilli this week!

  • PatternLilli Pilli
  • Yarn: various leftovers + Wonderland Yarns Cheshire Cat
  • Needle size: US5
  • Mods:
    • alternated between the lightest, darkest, and variegated for the first stripes – dark light dark variegated, etc. Kept going until I ran out of the variegated.
    • Laced purple until I ran out of purple.
    • Alternated between two darkest colors until out of one of them.
    • Laced green until I got bored.

Not even kidding on that last part, I just kept going and going until maybe halfish of the skein looked to be done and I was bored of the same 10 rows over and over again. I’m really quite pleased with the length overall, and the proportions between the sections!

I love you, lightbox.