FO Friday – Marcel

Merry Christmas to my dear husband, Mike! He puts up with all of my crap, and in return gets a handknit sweater every 2.5 years! I think it’s even 😉

Marcel was a very quick, very easy knit. It seemed to just fly by – I was almost completely done with it at exactly the one-week mark. All it needed after that was the end of a sleeve and some blocking. The sleeve took a matter of hours, and the blocking took a week and a half. WHOOPS!

  • PatternMarcel, Project Page
  • Yarn: Cascade 220 SW in Silver Grey
  • Size: Medium
  • Needle size: US6 for ribbing, US7 for body
  • Modifications:
    • Tubular cast on and bind off.
    • 1 st selvage on each side for easier pickup.
  • Comments:
    • It’s a generously sized sweater. Positive ease, for sure.
    • The pattern on the top is easy, and makes the rows go by faster because the WS is k1p1 and the RS is still k all.
    • The three needle BO for the shoulders gives it nice structure.
    • Top down cap sleeves are clever – I’d never done them before – but a PITA. SHORT ROWS FOR DAAAAAAAYS.
    • I hate when patterns say to pick up a specific number of stitches along something that is written to a specific length, instead of rows. “Knit for 9 inches” and then “pick up 36 sts”. Grinds my gears.
    • Had to figure out my own spacing for the buttonholes. Maths were had, and buttons were placed. Top button is too high, but whaddyagonnado? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • I hope he likes it as much as he likes Emilien. Or else I’m going to have to do something else with a *gasp* zipper. Sigh.