FO Friday – Pet Rock!

It’s Friday! Almost time for the weekend! But we’re not quite there yet, so maybe you’ll need a little laugh?

A couple years ago, this beautiful mini was released in Guild Wars 2:

It’s a PET ROCK. It follows your around with it’s derpy eyes a weird smile. It hops and rolls, and is in general one of the silliest minis I’ve seen in game.

And now I have a real-world version:

When I saw the pattern release for this sand dollar, the first thing I thought was the pet rock mini. The pattern was released a couple months after the mini was introduced, so it was fresh in my mind. And two years later, it still made me giggle thinking about, so it was time to make one finally.

Had to steal yarn from a Rowe swatch I had hanging around.

The pattern is super simple. You increase every row to create the bottom. Straight stockinette once it’s wide enough, then decrease to create the top. I added a partial row of purl stitches on the last row before decreasing to create his smile.

The eyes were totally improvised – I picked up an uneven number of stitches where I thought they should go, and tried for a non-circular effect. The pupils are just stitched on after and have a “quirky” quality to them.

Pretty close, I think!