FO Friday – Rowe!

It’s been over a month in the making, but Rowe was finished on Wednesday, November 2nd. Praise Jeebus. (Previous Rowe posts: Tuesday Queuesday, Updates 1, 2, and 3.)

  • PatternRowe, Project Page
  • YarnCascade Eco in Latte (natural)
  • Size: 43 1/2, with slightly different gauge than called for (see Queuesday for gauge woes) so there’s probably 3-5″ positive ease.
  • Needle size: US6 for body, US5 for ribbing, and US4 for tubular CO
  • Overall thoughts:
    • I worked on it for a total of 88.5 hours. It’s assuredly not the longest project I’ve worked on, but man it was SO SATISFYING to be done.  That being said…
    • The sleeves are pretty long. Granted I knit them at least an inch longer than written (did the same 5″ ribbing as the fronts/back, instead of 4″ called for…), but they’re *still* long. They look good folded up, but the seam is a bit bothersome to me. Only to me, mind you, but hey it’s mine so I think it’s allowed to bother me. I digress.
    • The body could stand to be a bit longer, for butt coverage.
    • The ribbing is the coziest thing ever. 8″ is a lot of ribbing (398 sts per row!) but it was so worth it. And the crochet join to the selvage row is genius.
    • For never having done a seamed sweater before, I am pleased with the result. I think sewing set-in sleeves before gave me a bit of an advantage in the “how does this WORK?” variety.
    • Cozy cozy cozy. I put it on before weaving in ends and wore it for a good hour before I was willing to take it off again.

Now what you’ve all been waiting for…



Back Cables

Front Cables




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