FO Friday – Stitch Block Cowl(s)

Happy Autumn! Yesterday was the first day of fall and the Pacific Northwest decided to play nice and be quite fall-like. The leaves are changing colors, the morning fog has rolled in. It’s my favorite time of year.

The changing of seasons is also the changing of wardrobes – it’s time to break out the hand-knits! For this lovely FO Friday, I’ve got a much-loved pattern to share with you: Stitch Block Cowl (SBC).

It is a rare event for me to happily make the same pattern more than once. This is one of those odd occasions, as I’ve made THREE. Each is a little (or a lot) different from the other and I would probably make a fourth if there weren’t so many other cowl patterns I also wanted. Who am I kidding, ask again in a year or two and maybe I’ll have 4 or 5. I have a problem!


  • Yarn: Worsted
  • Needles: US7
  • Size: 12.75″ wide x 60″ around


  • When: August 2014, Reddit Knitting’s KAL.
  • Yarn: Tosh Sport in Dirty panther, Tart, and unknown light grey.
  • Needles: US5
  • Size: 17″ wide x 51″ around
  • Modifications:
    • CO 67 instead of 51
    • Did out of order (see below)

The original pattern is knit in three sections: Section 1 is Rambler stitch, section 2 is Checked Rose, section 3 is English Rose Tweed.

I started with section 2 instead of section 1. I did this because I was using all scrap yarns. I had a lot more of the black and grey than the red, and knew I wanted the pop of color on section 3.

Section 2 was 17″ long. I knit section 3 until I ran out of red, which ended up being around 22″. At that point I started section 1 with the black and went for 6″ and switched to grey and did another 6″. Everything ended up being nicely proportioned. SBC 1 was deemed a success!


  • When: December 2014
  • Yarn: Vanna’s Choice in green, blue, and white
  • Needles: US6
  • Size: unknown
  • Modifications:
    • Only did section 3…

I was a bit of a brat for SBC2. I loved the look of section three of the original pattern and decided to just run with it. I got some Seahawks colors in Vanna’s Choice. It’s slightly better than Redheart, it washes up decently. It’s also cheap and I wasn’t going to break the bank on a scarf I’d really only wear on gamedays.

The end result is not bad, but SBC2 doesn’t really get much wear.


  • When: September 2015
  • Yarn: Knitted Wit Victory DK in black (B), grey (G), and variegated (V).
  • Needles: unknown
  • Size: unknown
  • Modifications:
    • Omitted section 1
    • Did two section 2’s

I used three full skeins of Knitted Wit Victory DK. In order to evenly use them up, I started and ended with section 2 from the original pattern. This section uses yarn at a rate of 2:1 mc:cc. Section 3 uses yarn at a 1:1:1 ratio mc:cc1:cc2.

SBC3 is constructed as follows:

  • Part 1:
    • 2:1 B:G
  • Part 2:
    • 1:1:1 B:G:V
  • Part 3:
    • 2:1 V:G

It worked out really well for size. Easily loops around twice and is big enough that it naturally folds in half to hide the WS. I’ve actually found myself tucking my phone in the front fold. This has inspired a future project of mine, which I’m looking forward to sharing with you soon!

Happy Friday!