FO Friday – Stonewall!

When Amanda and Andrea showed up for Yarn Train 2016, I was greeted with a very lovely addition to my stash…before even going shopping!

Andrea had brought me eight absolutely gorgeous skeins of Tosh Vintage in the colorway (wait for it!) Stargazing! As she said, she couldn’t resist because it had my name in it! (I answer equally as much to Star as I do to Debbie. Thanks, internet.) I have a love affair with Tosh, and this was a very happy unexpected present.

It took me around two and a half months to actually decide on a project for it, but I landed on Stonewall by Alicia Plummer. It’s bottom up, which is not my favorite thing. But it’s got a v-neck and a very subtle texturing. Sleeves are made knitwise-out and then flipped prior to join. (It also has thumb holes!) It’s very beautiful and was a really easy/quick knit. I used my HiyaHiya US9 addition to my small interchangable set for the first time and it was like knitting with sharpies! I rarely go above a 6 or 7, so 9’s felt huge.

Stonewall WIP

As per usual, it only took me a few days. Sometimes I hate Ravelry’s started/completed date selection, because it doesn’t really show the number of days I worked on it. I cast on June 27th and bound off/wove in on July 6th. Except I didn’t work on it at all over the 4th of July weekend – July 1-4! So I really only knit it for five days (27, 28, 29, 30, 5, 6).

Work selfies forevar.

I’ve still got a little under three skeins of this yarn left! Any ideas on what to do with it? 🙂

Stonewall review:

  • Overall well-written pattern. I made a couple of excel charts to coordinate the hip and waist shaping with the textured rows. Did so for the sleeves as well so I wouldn’t have to math out which number correlated with an increase row (this was sheer laziness on my part).
  • Did a tubular cast on as suggested, which always looks so beautiful on hems. Absolutely worth learning like author says.
  • Was pleased with knitting the sleeves inside out to not have to purl everything. Having the purl-side out after the body/sleeves join actually made it so each back and forth row had something fun to do (purl-only rows are so boring!).
  • Thumb hole is super simple and a nice touch. Easily skipped if you don’t want them. Ribbing on cuffs is long enough that you can flip up when you don’t want the thumb hole without looking odd.
  • Mine ended up being pleasantly tunic-length. Will probably still wear pants with it (boo!), but it’d go really well with some super thick fleece lined leggings. Maybe when it’s not the middle of summer…