FO Friday – Two Become One Throw Pillow

As a new knitter, several years ago, I was more prone to acquiring stash because it was there than acquiring because I had a project in mind. This pile of a now-discontinued yarn is one of my many impulse buys, as it was clearance priced on Craftsy I’m sure at the time it was being discontinued. I have some balls in another colorway as well, but really, just look at this nonsense:

orange yarn

tangly wound mess in cotton and nylon, Cascade Yarns Cotton-Rich in Orange

I have a few things like this that I’ve struggled to find a use for, and that mainly clutter up my house and stash areas without purpose or delight. No, they do not spark joy.

I actually don’t know when this entered my stash, but I felt like it was 100% fate when a good friend of my husband’s decided to get married. He and his fiancee chose orange and grey as their wedding colors, which I found out the same week that the Two Become One Wedding Pillow was released and placed perfectly in my Ravelry pattern highlights.

So I stash dove a little more and came up with this gem:

silver yarn

from a craft store not to be named, I Love this Yarn! in Silvermist

That big skein of yarn entered my stash when my great-aunt sent it along with the blanket she crocheted for my husband and I for OUR wedding. KISMET!

Since I didn’t have enough of either color to knit the entire pillow with only one, and the pattern is written to be knit in pieces, I completely winged the color planning. I first knit the front piece in orange on the way up the mountains to a cabin on the Poudre River.

pillow front

hercules dog is the best helper

And over the night and following morning I knit the two back pieces in silver and orange.

pillow back piece

turned out all marled and whatnot!

And then like 2 weeks later, I seamed it all together. It was a relatively quick and fun knit, although the tight gauge left my hands very tired post-knitting. The only modification I made was to do an I-cord bind-off on the back pieces, and of course, my personalized color choices.


All done!


The gorgeous back

My takeaway from this project is that I can make things that don’t look totally homemade. This pillow gives me pride that I’m able to make something clean and tidy, by hand, even using materials that did not cost me a premium!

Two Become One Wedding Pillow review:

  • Charted pattern was not clear to me, but written was very clear
  • New-to-me buttonhole method was very tidy, highly recommended, and the recommendation to do the cable cast-on purl-wise was spot on
  • You can find yarn usage and other comments on my Ravelry Project page