Folding Day and Fabric Stash

I wasn’t able to get around to sewing anything this weekend due to a bum shoulder. This was a bummer (ha!) as I had a bunch of things planned, but I managed to do a wee bit of organizing of my fabric stash. I washed a boatload of fabric and figured out a way to fold everything so that it’d fit nicely in my bins!

This all came about because I got two bundles from Sly Fox Fabrics last week and needed to pre-wash in case of shrinkage. I purchased the Bonny Bundle with Sweetheart and Raisin, and also the Allure Bundle, which had a yard of Allure, a yard of Rose DBP and a yard of Olive DBP. Those five cuts, combined with my previously-purchased prints and solids from Pretty Posh Prints made for a beautiful mess of unfolded fabric as of Saturday morning:

Two full loads of laundry and a couple (many, many) hours later, I have all of my stash folded.

First up are the Rayon Lycra solids. Do you think I have a favorite color scheme, or what? There’s a dark green hiding under the lightest gray, the solid I used in my first successful SFR. This fabric is lightweight and clingy and wrinkles like a mo-fo. It cannot be pressed so hemming it is nearly impossible. As cheap as it is (avg of $3-4/yard), I’m going to shoot for higher quality solids in the future. Which leads me to…

The medium weight knits. From both Fabricland (100% Unknown Fibers!) and Craftsy, I’m pretty confident they’re the same fabric. They’re not as thin as my Rayon Lycra blends. They don’t wrinkle as much. I like the feel of these better, but since I don’t know exactly what they are, I can’t actively search for them. (The Craftsy one – red – came labeled the exact same as the Rayon Lycra above, it was just a happy fluke?)

These prints are all from FabricMart. The birdies are more cottony than rayon-y, with a white wrong side. Both the thick and thin stripes are rayon. I’ve already planned out what to do with the birds (this dress, maybe with a solid top?) and the thick stripes (this dress, view C).

A bunch of sweater knits of various weights and fibers – no solid plans for any of it!

My stash of athletic, swim, scuba, and random (jegging?) material. I can’t wait to have black and gold sparkly leggings, but that has to wait until I’ve perfected the M2M pattern.

Fun bonus on folding the swim material on the bottom: the stripes are SUPER TRIPPY. When I got it (Fabricland), it was a pre-cut piece at the bottom of a bin. It wasn’t tagged though so I had to have the cutter measure. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get all of it and she basically insisted so that she wouldn’t have to look at it anymore :p

The last stack I have is a bunch of fun ones. Florals from Craftsy, PPP, and Sly Fox. Galaxy from PPP. Solids from PPP and Sly Fox. There’s even a liverpool and french terry in there. This is the stack I am most looking forward to working with, but I’m too scared to cut into any of it! The DBP is so freaking soft, and the prints are too pretty. What should I make?!?!

Overall, I was really excited to be able to actually see all my stash together. I’ve been seeing neatly folded shelves of fabric in facebook groups and been super jealous. Now I have a shelf of my own! That you can’t see because my light still isn’t up in the sewing room and all the darkish fabrics are invisible right now. (I’ll update you on that hopefully next weekend!) And there are a couple of fabrics not pictured, but they’re stored elsewhere so they didn’t get folded with everything else.

Happy sewing, everyone 🙂 My shoulder is starting to feel a bit better, so fingers crossed I can actually choose a pattern and get something started this week.