afghan and puppy

HAUL – Lana Grossa, Crochet Hooks, Needles

We’re trying to bring you more than just rampant consumerism with our HAUL so expect a thoughtful unboxing, some crafterly plans laid out for the acquisitions, or coverage of a special event.

The Goods

lana grossa in dark blue

gorgeous dark teal!

lana grossa dark blue

the dye lot all matches, very pleased!

lana grossa label closeup

label and dyelot, this yarn is incredibly soft

ergonomic crochet hooks

such colorful handles! who knew there were so many sizes?

Lion Brand tapestry needles

I’m a little impatient by nature

  • 5 balls of Lana Grossa Bingo Uni in colorway 114, which is Jeans Blue
  • 1 budget ergonomic crochet hook set
  • 1 set of Lion Brand large eye tapestry needles

The Plan (aka why the hell did you acquire MORE)

I’ve been wanting to make the Cognac shawl/scarf pattern for a long time. I actually put it in my faves in March of 2013, so it’s spent several years lurking and waiting. I hesitated on casting on, because there were not very many previous projects, and the projects that are there are not particularly successful (in the knitters’ own words, I swear.) My pet theory is that this particular pattern, noted by the designer and one of the more successful knitters, requires properties of the wool it was designed for:

Be careful with yarn substitution. This shawl needs to be knitted very loose, due to its shape and particularly due to the i-cord edging.

So now, I have officially acquired the actual yarn the designer used, in a colorway more to my taste of course, and I’m confident that I will cast on fairly soon.

afghan and puppy

hercules dog likes to help me crochet

I’ve also been in the midst of making a scrappy crochet blanket, and using a crochet hook I have had for about 20 years. I’ve been enjoying the process, as it’s a quick and dirty ‘tweener, when I haven’t wound the next thing, and it’s eradicating a lot of the yarn clutter in my house. The problem though, is that the hook I use is a Susan Boyle classic, and after a while of crocheting, my fingers tend to ache a bit from using it. So I acquired some semi-ergonomic, inexpensive hooks to use, and hopefully they will assist in reducing my crochet strain.

LASTLY, the tapestry needles. I have a scarf project that literally only needs buttons sewn on to be complete, and I had already previously bought the buttons BUT none of my tapestry needles actually fit through the holes in the buttons! You can imagine my eye-rolling, foot-stomping frustration after I had spent a solid 30 minutes agonizing over my button choice at a LYS. I went on Amazon the same day and ordered the set of tapestry needles, and you can see from the pictures that I was far too impatient to check the fit, and did not wait to take pictures prior to ripping open the package.

Quick Vendor Review

I ordered the yarn through LoveKnitting, and while the service was largely unobjectionable, I didn’t love the really long possible delivery window. The shipment email instructs me to inquire if a package has not arrived after 14 business days, which amounts to nearly 3 weeks of calendar days. That is a long time!

However, the yarn arrived dyelot matched and well packaged, which is great, and LoveKnitting has sent me several promotional discount opportunities in the interim (unrelated to this order) so I’m satisfied.