M2M Leggings Part 2 – Measurements

Take the following measurements, rounding up to the nearest half-inch:

  1. height from natural waist to ankle bone – total length
  2. circumference of ankle around ankle bone
  3. height from center of knee to ankle bone – shank length
  4. circumference of knee at center line
  5. height from center of knee to crotch line (imagine a continuation directly horizontal from crotch) – thigh length
  6. circumference of thigh, horizontally at crotch line – thigh circumference
  7. circumference of waist – waist circumference
  8. front crotch depth
  9. rear crotch height

To measure #8 and #9, the easiest way to do it is to clasp a long straight edge between your legs, right where your crotch is, making sure to keep the long edge of it parallel to the floor. Then take your tape measure and measure from your waist to the top of that straight edge both at your front, and at your rear. It should be a purely vertical drop measurement, no need to take into account the curvature of either side. This is really difficult without a second pair of eyes and/or hands for the actual measurement reading.

Now do the following calculations using the measurements

  1. add a half-inch to #2 – ankle circumference
  2. subtract a half-inch from #4 – knee circumference
  3. subtract a half-inch from #7 and divide by 2 (used only in e. and f.)
  4. add one inch to #9 – rear crotch depth
  5. subtract result of c. from #6, multiply by 1/3 – front rise width
  6. subtract result of c. from #6, multiply by 2/3 – rear rise width

And finally, let’s write down the measurements in the complete order of use:

  • total length
  • ankle circumference
  • shank length
  • knee circumference
  • thigh length
  • thigh circumference
  • front crotch depth
  • rear crotch depth
  • front rise width
  • back rise width
  • waist circumference

I wanted to make the crotch measurements and shape a little more clear so I did a little doodle of the end result of the width and depth measurements that you’ll see in the posts to come:

Debbie put her measurements on her croquis:

  • total length – 40.5
  • ankle circumference – 10.5
  • shank length – 17
  • knee circumference – 14
  • thigh length – 15.5
  • thigh circumference – 25.5
  • front crotch depth – 10.5
  • rear crotch depth – 12.5
  • front rise width – 3
  • back rise width – 6