M2M Leggings Part 4 – Cutting

YAY OMG we’re getting close to having leggings!

So if you opted for a waistband, you should have 2 pattern pieces ready to go.

The first thing I recommend is taking a few minutes to cut out your pieces along the finalized lines using non-fabric scissors because most drafting or poster paper is really thick compared to pattern paper and will dull your fabric scissors faster.

If you opted to not have a waistband, do one last calculation by subtracting 1 inch off your waist circumference measurement and cut a strip of 1-2″ wide elastic to the resulting length.

[Step 1] – Prep

Lay your washed, folded, and pressed fabric out on a large flat surface for cutting. I personally do not have a cutting mat large enough to rotary cut the main leggings pattern piece but if you strongly prefer the rotary cutter, you are welcome to use one, you will just have to be cautious about rearranging your pieces if you have to scoot your mat.

[Step 2] – Layout

Lay your paper leg pattern piece out with the grain line parallel to the long folded edge of the fabric. Use as many fabric weights as you need to keep the paper firmly in place as you cut.

For the waistband piece, you have two options. If you want, fold the piece in half so that you get a rectangle that corresponds to the dimensions 6″ by 1/2 your waist, and place the piece with the pattern fold along the fabric fold. The other option is to cut out the paper leg first, and then cut your waistband piece out of one single layer of fabric.

[Step 3]

Cut out the paper leg and optional waistband according to your preferred method.


I recommend marking the rear of the fabric leg pieces (on the wrong side of the fabric) with a bit of chalk at this point.

Fold the waistband piece in half and chalk mark the center of the waist measurement, on the wrong side of the fabric.

Mark a chalk line, once again on the wrong side of the fabric, parallel to the ankle edge of the fabric, 2″ away from the ankle edge. This is going to be your hem line.

You should have 2 fabric legs, and optionally, 1 waistband.