M4M/P4P Fall Mini Capsule

A few weeks ago, Made for Mermaids announced there would be another mini capsule contest. I really enjoyed my experience with the first one and immediately started planning.

The timing of this capsule wasn’t ideal for me (again) as I was going to be on vacation for the entire first week of it. But that didn’t stop me from excessive planning/prepping before I left! I went through a couple of different pattern/fabric combinations, but finally settled on this:


  • Carefree Cardi – marled sweater knit
  • Sunshine (top only), sleeveless – teal rayon spandex
  • Sunshine (top only), LMU sleeves – green rayon spandex
  • Essential Tank – black viscose
  • Pumpkin Spice Dolman – grey sweater knit


  • SOS pants – patterned heavy sweaterish knit? (darn you fabricland unidentified fabrics)
  • Sweetheart Dress (skirt only) – floral liverpool


  • Favorite Tee, dress length – purple heavy knit
  • Mama Isabel – floral scuba

I went through all the patterns and fabric choices to find the outfits that this “capsule” would be able to provide. It ended up only around 9-10, but that’s due to the two dresses. I also left out a pair of plain black pegs that I was originally intending to use, which would have almost double my outfit choices. I left them out because I have yet to find a suitable fit/adjustment for the pegs and knew I wouldn’t want to be sidelined on fit during my shortened capsule period.

Once I had all my choice lined up, I proceeded (with M4M permission) to cut the patterns out. It was actually harder than it should have been, as I had many adjustments I wanted to make but hadn’t traced out onto the pattern yet. It took me a solid three days to figure out how to implement what I wanted to do for the two sunshine tops. (And I am still crossing my fingers that it will work the way I planned!)

I ended up leaving for my vacation with nine ziploc bags of fabric, waiting for me to come home and sew them! And now that I’m back, it’s time to get started!

I can’t wait to finish sewing these babies up and sharing them with you!