M4M/P4P Spring Mini Capsule

The lovely sisters of Made for Mermaids and Patterns for Pirates have put together a contest for a Spring Mini Capsule (info at link).

The dates leave a lot to be desired due to my plans for the next two weeks, but I’m going to try! My goal is to get at least three of the capsule items done before the contest end and continue with the rest after.

I really like the idea of this capsule because of the change in weather I’m finally starting to see here in the Pacific Northwest. The rain is getting a bit lighter, and the sun has even come out a few times. Some mornings I take my rain jacket instead of my winter jacket. I haven’t even needed a hat for a few days! It’s really going to be spring! Soon!

Unfortunately for me though, I am still solidly in sweater-and-boots wardrobe. Any tees I have can’t be worn without another layer. My layering pieces are few and far between. I need an overhaul!

The Capsule:


Mama Claire

  • Elbow length sleeves
  • Watercolor floral from my first SFR.

Mama Ava

  • Short sleeved
  • Birdies!

Mama Claire

  • Already finished this one!
    • Elbow length sleeves
    • Solid grey rayon spandex


Cross My Heart Cami

  • High cross, scoop front
  • Solid black or gray, maybe pink??

Cocoon Cardigan

  • 3/4 sleeves, so it can go over the SFR and the Claire.
  • Soft AF light gray sweater knit


Mama Chloe

Peg Legs

  • Knee length
  • Solid Black

SOS Knit Pants

  • Skinny leg, high waist if possible?
  • Jeggings material!


Mama Isabel

  • Tulip, knee length. Sleeved or sleeveless, I don’t know.
  • I cannot decide on the fabric for this. I don’t really have a ton of options due to the large amount of yardage needed. I would LOVE for it to be a floral, maybe the Sweetheart from Sly Fox? But yardage is definitely an issue.
  • I foresee this being the last I make, because of fabric indecision.