Marbella Hacks

I made a bunch of lace-backed sports bras using New Horizon’s Marbella Tank and their built-in-bra hack. They were nothing really special to blog about, just fun alternatives for pole, or wearing under open-back raglans. But  I really love the different lace views and thought I could incorporate them into something else (I don’t really wear tanks!). This prompted two things: a dress and a shirt.


This is an upcycle of the skirt I made during last fall’s mini capsule.

I removed the band (it was a maternity band) because the reason I never ended up wearing it was because I rarely wear skirts. I never know what to wear on top, most of my tops aren’t really skirt-friendly. So I figured it needed to become the skirt of a cute dress.


Boom! I was right! It is definitely cute ;). I used a black ponte (Joann’s) for the top, along with some galloon lace. I had to shorten the straps to keep the girls up a bit. The ponte is moderately stretchy, but the top is definitely skin tight.


I saw someone use a lace option from Marbella for the back of a tee shirt. I saved it on facebook, but there weren’t really much instruction to go with it. I do love tinkering, especially when it actually comes out nicely.


I ended up mashing the lace back with the favorite tee. I wasn’t exactly sure how it would turn out, so I used some of the more random stash on hand. If I did it again, I’d take out some width from the back piece, and probably try to raise it a bit? I’m wearing a strapless bra here because my regular bras are all just a little too high on my back compared to the opening.

It was a fun experiment, but I probably wouldn’t do it again anytime soon. I’m not so much in the mood for figuring out small fit issues right now, I guess.