Me Made May 2018

May has been a fun month. It was “Me Made May,” in which I posted on Instagram everyday of an item I made. At the beginning of the month, I thought I wasn’t going to have enough things to last all month. Boy, was I wrong! Even though I made a few new things over the month, I still had plenty to go all 31 days.

May 1

I started off the month with my long sleeved ragdoll in viscose rayon from Sly Fox Fabrics. I wear this top a LOT. It’s long sleeve but not too hot, since the fabric is really slinky and light. It’s black so it goes with EVERYTHING. Ragdolls make many appearances throughout the month, as well as this exact fabric.

May 2

This is a Sweet Tee, but in a double brushed poly. It’s a little on the warm side, as is anything in DBP. It’s still a little snug on my post-pregnancy body, but ehhhhh.

May 3

I know I said this was a Favorite Tee…but it’s actually a Mama Nina. I do have a Favorite Tee in this same fabric, in approximately this same length, so it was easy to mistake. Whoops!

May 4

Yeah so this is literally exactly the same as day 1, but in short sleeves. **shrug** I know what I like, kay?

May 5

I actually have a lot of me-made sports bras, but I only included a couple in #mmmay. Oh well. I have modified almost all of my brazi’s to not have a bottom band, instead having elastic. It just makes it a bit more streamlined and have less bulk in the seams. And then if my fabric doesn’t have super awesome recovery, my boobs won’t fall through the bottom 😉

May 6

I really like this watercolor floral. I’ve used it in like 3 or 4 different things. The brazi underneath does a good job of replacing a tank top for coverage.

May 7

Now this actually is a Mama Nina. It’s one of my Nina Army from last summer!

May 8

It was really nice for the weather to cooperate enough for me to squeeze in my sweater knits. The beginning of the month was quite toasty, but it chilled down at night so since I took my pictures in the morning, I could wear them. With that being said, OH LOOK ANOTHER RAGDOLL. ;D

May 9

My first Pumpkin Spice Dolman of the month. I’m really proud of my stripe matching on this, though you can’t see it.

May 10

Another ragdoll! What?! 😉 This is in a deliciously soft french terry that I hoarded for over a year before I was willing to cut into it.

May 11

You’ll never guess what pattern this is (ignore that it says it in the post!). A cutout this time to wear to workout and not be covered in sweat.

May 12

The first of only two bottom pieces in the whole month. I loooove having pockets in my pegs, I just wish they didn’t take so much more work than regular pegs! **grump**

May 13

A dress length Mama Nina, in a beautiful green. It was hot hot hot out but it was really comfy!

May 14

Another Sweet Tee, but one that sorta kinda fits this time. I think this one was made while I had a tiny baby bump, hence the gathering effect across the tum. Henry was fussing this morning so he got to be held for the picture. Cutie pie.

May 15

Another PSD. I had a really rough Henry-related night the night before so this was definitely a “oh god why am I awake” face. Seeing it again just makes me tired.

May 16


May 17

This PSD was my second attempt at just turning the neck instead of putting on a band. The first attempt was okay but not super amazing. This one? Pretty amazing, if you ask me.

May 18

I was so glad this fit. It’s a SLIM FIT raglan, and it looks pretty good. Peeking out from underneath is a cool striped brazi!

May 19

This was actually made on day 18! It was my second go at Sienna, and I’m glad how well the floral hides my horrendous top stitching. If there’s one place I really need to improve, it’s top stitching. Any tips?

May 20

I woke up early to work out, but didn’t think to take a sweaty selfie for #mmmay. I instead opted for ultimate comfort in sweats from Costco, and an oversized Carefree Cardi

May 21

Another ragdoll. Unfortunately all I see in this picture is my really bad hemming on the sleeve. Which is all you’ll be able to see now that I’ve pointed it out. Seriously, I’m going to have to go back and fix this. What was I just saying about top stitching?!

May 22

I really need to branch out in what patterns I use…

May 23

This was the first go of Sienna. The top stitching is really, really bad. But it’s still totally wearable. Super soft and comfy.

May 24

Another Mama Claire with a sports bra for coverage. This bra isn’t a brazi though, it’s self drafted off one I got at Target. It’s good for short periods of time, the straps are a little too short so they start digging in after a while 🙁

May 25

This is my first and only attempt at a V neck. I should really do it again, as I really like v necks. But I remember it being so fiddly! But I also have a good year of sewing under my belt since I attempted it, so maybe?

May 26

A short sleeve PSD. This fabric was in my first purchase ever from Sly Fox! I’m so glad I found them as a company, they ship super fast and are competitively priced.

May 27

Thank goodness I took this BEFORE working out, or it’d be a sweaty mess. I opted for bands instead of binding on this Essential Tank, and it turned out WAY better than the one I had previously done with binding. Binding is stupid :p

May 28

I finally remembered to get a sweaty (not)selfie for one of the days. This was after a hard holiday workout, and the filter helps with my redness ;). I did have a shirt on for the whole workout, sunburns aren’t fun y’all.

May 29

I think this is actually my first wearable garment I made. I’d made a couple other things before cutting into the floral, because I was so worried I’d screw up. But I don’t even wear those anymore, they’ve gone into my “scraps for Henry” pile.

May 30

The second bottoms of the month. I just barely had enough of this french terry left to make a pair of Mama Cora’s, but I did! They’re pretty comfy, but I’ll make them longer next time when I’m not trying to squeeze them out of a scrap.

May 31

I really do love this dress so, so much. It’s amazingly comfortable. I just need more opportunities to wear it!

Woo, I made it!

I’m really glad I decided to do this, it really pushed me to wear something I made every day. Some days I wore it the whooole day, some days just for the picture. I was just starting to run out of things that were super wearable near the end. Which leads me to believe I need to make more staples. I’m leaning towards Mama Nina’s, in tunic length to go over shorts. (Of course Nina, what else would I make?) But now that I’ve also looked back over the month, I really need to make more bottoms. I’ll try out some longer Cora’s, and put the work in to have Pegs with a pocket! <3 Thanks for reading, everyone!