My Sad Trombone Hatamaran Wrap-up

So here’s my sitch. I knit 5 hats in 7 days and quit on the final worsted-weight stretch.

I could say something about circumstances beyond my control, considering I am quitting due to injury but I could have made my goal if it’s made other choices, like not devoting time to the Gilmore Girls KAL with Debbie, or not trying a new physical activity that requires a lot of hand and forearm work, or not reknitting the crown of one of the hats, or… etc. I made a number of priority-based decisions that influenced my final outcome.

I can’t say I’m not disappointed in my direct predicament, although that has more to do with the lack of knitting I’m currently doing altogether than the number of hats I made. Although to be honest, I do wish I had knit all ten!

So here’s my results:

My favorite FO out of the bunch is easily my new sockhead. I did a 120 stitch circumference, and knit to the length stated in the pattern – a total of 13″ stem to stern. Here I’ve got it like I have worn it, with all 4″ of the ribbing turned up:

The other hats are definitely going to wind up, or were intended as, gift hats. My least favorite wound up being the last one I knit, my Lowlands hat. I discovered that I really don’t like how that sideways garter brim doesn’t squeeze my head at all. I was constantly feeling as though my hat was falling off! I can see it being a bonus to someone with a larger head, or who is sensitive to pressure on their ears.

Thanks for a fun KAL! I’m not sure I will do it again next year (who am I kidding, this is my version of sock madness) but it was a fun ride!