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The lack of nice men’s sweater patterns is a source of frustration for me. I have made Mike one sweater, Emilien, all the way back in January 2015. He’s got to see all of the sweaters and other goodies I’ve made for myself in the past almost-two-years, and been very thankful for having the one. But I knew he would appreciate more. Problem is, what to make?

I’d decided on Ranger long ago, but that was pretty much it. I personally have over three thousand patterns in my Ravelry favorites. A whole 8 of those are tagged for Mike – three of which are Emilien projects. Ranger’s not even in there, apparently!

I just made a pattern search on Rav. Sweater, adult…and then gender:



Part of this problem is that pattern designers don’t always tag things correctly. But that is one of my least worries. Men have 1/10th the options as women. And a TON of the options that are tagged male are unisex or are straight up modeled by women. Some of them by children and even little girls. Just…ugh. UGH.

Basically all the good male sweater patterns come from Brooklyn Tweed. Let’s just say thanks to BT/Jared Flood for giving us options (and for tech editing so well!). THANKS! 🙂

Here’s a handy little list if you’re interested in some really nice men’s sweater patterns:

One more little nod to BT – all the “His” versions in BT Fall 2016 are arguably way better than the “Hers” versions. Hell yeah.


On the topic of men’s sweater patterns, I haven’t made Alex any. But I do have one chosen and queued based on his preferences: Cabled Jacket.

But Debbie’s right, there are far fewer options designed explicitly for men.

One thing I have noticed, is that there are very few hat patterns that cannot be for men. I tend towards neutrals, and nature/autumn colors, and all the hats I make for myself actually work pretty well on Alex. A lot of the slouchier hats just don’t work for me because I have a weirdly tiny head, and don’t like to feel like my hat is falling off. Those hats fit like slightly long beanies on Alex, because his head circumference is 25.5″.

It’s great because he’s getting all these new, cute hats. I also love it because these hats are definitely not designed for men. They are modeled by women, maybe tagged for women, but the truth is that hats are almost always gender neutral. I’m only pointing this out because I really never thought Alex would like Molly. Then he did, and you may note that it’s not at all tagged as a men’s pattern. It’s women’s, and unisex, but not tagged as men’s.  Something to keep in mind during your searching.

So maybe not super helpful for NaKniSweMo, but the same tagging issues may exist. I’m certain that nearly any raglan sweater can be made for men, just like nearly any hat. It’s no consolation to those of us to like to turn off our brains and follow a pattern (JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL), but should be some comfort to the architecturally inclined knitters among us.



Seriously though, I don’t have favorites from anyone but Brooklyn Tweed.

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