New Backdrop and P4P’s Ragdoll

I got a new backdrop for my birthday! And umbrella lights! (Thank you Mom and Gramma!) I got the backdrop hung today and figured there’s no time like the present to test it.


Before you ask, I did iron it. I did the best I could with what I had. My big ironing board (another present!) couldn’t fit in the car on the way home so I’ve gotta make due for now. And please excuse the “baby has been crying for what seems like hours” face. 😐

I’ve still got a lot of trial and error to do, but it’s already loads better than my off-white walls and florescent lighting in the basement.

That being said… On to the sewing! You know I like something when I make multiple copies of it (ahem, Nina). So far I’ve made 5 ragdolls and I have plans for a couple more.

Ragdoll 1:

Size: XL
Fabric: French terry – something from Amazon actually
Options: Shirt length, curved hem, back cutout

Soooo this was actually supposed to be tunic length but I accidentally traced the front to be shirt length and didn’t notice until after I had put everything together but the side seams. I had even done the curved hem on both the front and back! I lined up the sides for the final seams and was so confused as to how they didn’t line up. Turns out, I made a tracing error – I blame tracing in spurts while tending to Henry. I fixed it by cutting the back to match the front. It turned out just fine but it’s a little short for my liking. I can wear it over a longer tank and it’s fine.

Ragdoll 2:

Size: XL
Fabric: Gray French Terry from Pretty Posh Prints
Options: Tunic length, curved hem, back cutout

I made the second one shortly after the first because I really wanted to see how the tunic length curved hem was. I re-traced the front and made sure I had the right pieces before cutting.

I really like the back cutout, it’s really cute. A little impractical for the winter though! I wore it to the dr’s the day I finished it, and my back was freezing! I had to turn the seat warmer onto high so I could lean backwards, lol. So I learned to do the back cutouts on lighter weight, spring-y fabrics!

Ragdoll 3:

Size: XL
Fabric: Viscose Jersey from Sly Fox Fabrics
Options: Shirt length, banded hem

This is tied for favorite with #4. This one is SO versatile! I’ve worn it so much since I’ve made it and that was just like a week ago. I lengthened the sleeves by an inch so be more baggy around my wrists. The banded hem is also more comfortable for me because I can wear it with more bottoms and don’t have to worry about it moving much. Didn’t do the back cutout this time because I really wanted this to just be a staple piece. It’s so soft, I really really love this fabric!

Ragdoll 4:

Size: XL
Fabric: Eclipse Sweater Knit from Sly Fox Fabrics
Options: Shirt length, banded hem

I’m so happy I finally got this fabric. I’d been eyeing it since it was first released but waited for what seemed like forever to actually buy it. It’s soft and so, so pretty. I don’t really have much to say about this one besides how much I love it.

Ragdoll 5:

Size: XL
Fabric: Sweater knit from Fabricland
Options: Shirt length, banded hem

I made this one out of the leftovers I had from my Carefree Cardigan and my Sunset Infinity Cardigan. I didn’t have enough of either fabric to do anything solid, so I used the purple for the sleeves. I actually really like how it came out. Sometimes contrast sleeve raglans just don’t look right, but thankfully this is pretty good. It’s a relatively lightweight knit, so it’s not too hot and I’ll be able to wear it into spring 🙂

Note: I can get an XL, banded/cuffed Ragdoll out of less than 2 yards. I had 1.8 yards left of my Eclipse and I was able to get all the pieces and still have a bit left. I probably wouldn’t try out of 1.5 yards, but if you have a short 2 you should be good to go 🙂