New Horizons Deer Creek

It should come as a shock to no-one that I like dolman tops. How many PSDs, Sweet Tees, and Ragdolls do I have? The answer is A Lot. So why not add a new pattern into the mix?

I bought Deer Creek an embarassingly long time ago. I loved the dolman sleeves, the pockets, the curved hem. Many heart-eyes going on. But then I read through the pattern. Hemming sleeves? Binding neck? Elastic? Topstitching? Uhhhhhhhhhhh, okay maybe I’ll put that aside for when I feel more confident?

Now’s that time, apparently! I’ve done so much elastic with the many, many pairs of Walk The Plank and Brazi’s that I feel super comfortable with that. I’ve gotten much better at hemming. And the neck binding can actually be done as a band as well (my preferred way anyways).

I opted to do size Large for all of them. I’m getting back into relatively good shape lately and figured it was worth a shot.

Dress 1:


Fabric: Bamboo somethingornother in Kelly Green, bought from Allielane in Abbyville (RIP, I loved your fabrics!)

Options: Curved hem, short sleeves, pockets (duh)

I made this dress specifically to wear to Kirkland Uncorked. It was really lightweight and soft, and I could keep our tokens in my pockets!

I didn’t have any matching green thread, so instead of having it not match, I intentionally used white for the topstitching. It’s not super great, as I was trying to get it finished in time to wash and wear the next day. I will probably re-do parts of this one, after having made the next two in a more pleasing manner. I followed the instructions for the waist on this one, but I don’t like that the elastic is just in a casing. The gathers are uneven and can shift around. It looks best if I push them to the center (of both the front and back), but I would rather them be all-over and even.

Dress 2:


Fabric: Navy/Grey striped rayon spandex (old stash)

Options: Curved hem, short sleeves, pockets (DUH)

This was some old fabric I had in stash for what seemed like forever. In reality it was probably a year and a half or so, but still, it needed to be used! Since it wasn’t my #1 favorite fabric in the world (**shakes fist** stripe matching!), I figured I would use it to try out some modifications on this pattern. I was going to do the pockets a bit differently but my modification didn’t work, so those are the same. But the elastic/waist is totally different.

I decided I really wanted to attach the elastic to the skirt and top, so that the gathering would be even. Since the top is much smaller than the skirt, I made adjustments to both while cutting to make them the same size (increased the top some, decreased the skirt some). There’s a LOT of leeway in this because they are very generously cut so they will gather. I kinda just eyeballed it, but I did take less from the skirt and add more to the top. I’m bigger on top anyways, so I might as well err on that side. I chose to attach the elastic to the skirt, with the bodice on the other side (elastic-skirt-bodice). I then flipped the elastic up to top stitch, but it was hitting a weird spot. I ended up turning it around (skirt-bodice-elastic) and then turning the serged edge up towards the neckline and topstitching. Two rows of zigzag, one along each edge. It didn’t turn out perfect, but I think that’s mainly to do with the stripes. They’re not exactly centered, or attached exactly straight (I had a fuckup at one point and fixing it messed up my stripes). But I still love this one, despite the fact that I haven’t hemmed it yet 😡

Dress 3:


Fabric: Birdies cotton spandex (old stash)

Options: A line hem, short sleeves, pockets (DDDDUUUUHHHH)

I thought I’d try out the other shape, the A-line vs the curved hem. I think overall I like the curved hem, but I’m glad I did a-line on this because it’s the only one that would fit on the ‘scrap’ (if you can call 1.75yards a scrap) I had. I attached the elastic in the same way (skirt-bodice-elastic) and topstitched with a zigzag. The one big difference on this is that I USED A COVERSTITCH (!!!) for my hemming. Why in god’s name did it take me so long to buy a coverstitch? It’s so amazing, and I’m not even that good at it yet!


I bought a Brother 2340CV (Amazon). I had ordered it through Amazon when the price dropped to $350 (it usually hovers around $400), but it said it would ship in 1 to 2 months. UGH FINE. But then I’m waiting. And waiting. AND WAITING. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd a used one shows up on Craigslist. For $50 less than the Amazon one (keep in mind, they don’t charge you until it ships). I inquire as to why she’s selling, turns out she bought a ‘nicer’ one and simply wanted to sell her old one. Score. I cancelled my Amazon order and met up with a nice woman in a Costco parking lot to make the exchange. I am sooooooooooo happy with it and I’m really really glad I got one. It’s definitely a ‘starter’ machine, but I’ve already gotten the hang of how to release the fabric/threads. The thing I most commonly do is manage to not catch the fabric on the back, usually for like 1-2″ at some spot. I’ll get better in time.