Nina Army

Since I’m pretty sure I didn’t rave enough about the Mama Nina enough during my Fall Mini Capsule (Dresses) post… I have to dedicate a whole ‘nother post to it. Well, not to *it* persay, but to *them*. Yes, them. As you might remember from yesterday, I now have 8 Mama Nina’s. A veritable army of Ninas. One for every day of the week, and an extra. EIGHT.

Let’s just get straight to it, eh?


This is the first Mama Nina. It’s the one from my capsule, and still probably my favorite out of the bunch just because of the amazing viscose fabric.


  • Fabric: Galaxy print from Pretty Posh Prints
  • Size: Green
  • Yardage (approx): 2
  • OptionsDress length, high-low hem. Elbow length sleeves (8″ from armpit along pattern piece).

My second, but least favorite one. I’m really unhappy with how transparent the fabric is across the bust, especially because it’s a relatively thick fabric. I might like this more in the fall when the weight of it won’t be unbearably hot. I plan on buying/making some shiny silver leggings to go under, I think it would make the galaxy print pop more.


  • Fabric: Forest green rayon spandex from Craftsy
  • Size: Indigo
  • Yardage (approx): 2, I had 2.5 and have a decent sized but still fairly useless scrap left
  • OptionsDress length, high-low hem. Elbow length sleeves.

This is at a tie for second with #8 for my favorite.


  • Fabric: Purple rayon spandex from either Craftsy or Fabricmart
  • Size: Indigo
  • Yardage (approx): 1.5
  • OptionsDress length, straight hem (pointed at sides). Short Sleeves.

Hoo-ey this one. Mom, this is the one I effed up cutting while on the phone with you. It turned out so nice, didn’t it? 😀 For everybody else, I had made a bit of a boo-boo cutting this. I cut out the back, and the sleeves, and laid out the rest of the fabric and lo and behold, couldn’t fit the front on there. At all. Period. Soooo after some brainstorming, I found that I could cut the front out of the back piece, and cut the back in two pieces to have a seam down the middle. I couldn’t do it with keeping the dress high/low, so I traced the curve from the front onto the back piece and tried placing it on that way. It very narrowly fit, hurrah! I don’t even really mind the seam down the back, I have a bunch of RTW stuff that has the same feature for likely the same reasons (use less fabric). I might actually do this more on other Mama Ninas and maybe the PSD? It’s really only noticeable on something tight, which they are not.


  • Fabric: Light grey rayon spandex from either Craftsy or Fabricmart
  • Size: Indigo
  • Yardage (approx): 2
  • OptionsDress length, high-low hem. Short sleeves.

This is just a really good staple dress. It’s great on it’s own or with fun colored leggings. It’ll go great with my Carefree Cardigan, and probably a ton of other stuff I own. Shown here with some Black Milk leggings that I really regretted putting on and going outside in 80ish degrees :p


  • Fabric: Navy 100% Unknown Fibers ™
  • Size: Indigo
  • Yardage (approx): 1.5
  • OptionsTunic length. Elbow length sleeves.

This fabric came from my “thicker solids” bin, and it drapes a lot differently from the rayon spandex Ninas. I do recommend staying in the very flowy fabric range for this pattern, it just looks a lot better overall. This one will get more wear when it’s much cooler out.


  • Fabric: Medium grey rayon spandex from either Craftsy or Fabricmart
  • Size: Indigo
  • Yardage (approx): 1.5
  • OptionsTunic length. Elbow length sleeves.

Not much to say about this, just a shorter, lighter version of #5. I do love a good heathered grey.


  • Fabric: Watercolor floral from Craftsy
  • Size: Indigo
  • Yardage (approx): 1.5
  • OptionsTunic length. Elbow length sleeves.

Tied with #3 for second favorite. I just really love this print! It was my first floral, and I’ve already got a Mama Claire and SFR sleeves out of it. This was the last of the yardage though, so I’m on the hunt for other awesome florals to use 🙂


I love the dress length, though I might add a bit of length just to bring the hem down slightly. The tunic length is definitely not so tunic-y on me, as just longer top. But I think I have a pretty good butt and they’re going to be worn with leggings anyways :P. I’ve still got at least two Mama Ninas planned: stripes for me and a patterned for my mom. That likely won’t be the end of my Nina obsession though, it’s just too versatile!

Wind picked up there for a second, couldn’t help but share an outtake 🙂