Patterns For Pirates – Slim Fit Raglan

It is with GREAT pleasure that I introduce my first finished (and proud!) Patterns for Pirates pattern. (While I have technically made the Mama Bear Joggers, I made so many errors that it doesn’t count :p)

I got this beautiful watercolor floral from Craftsy a couple of weeks ago and have been wavering on what to do with it. It was almost too pretty to cut, but that’s not what fabric is for! It’s to be used! So I chose a contrasting sleeve Slim Fit Raglan as my first foray into patterned fabric.

I hadn’t chosen the solid yet, so I asked my friends which was better, grey or green? Overwhelming response was green, and I agreed.

The green pulls out the beautiful colors in the leaves, and matches better than I could have expected to.

I am so happy with how the neckband turned out. When it’s not on, it’s a bit puckery, but I really dgaf about what it looks like when I’m not wearing it. It just gave me a bit of a panic after-sewing-before-wearing. No worries though, looks AMAZING when on (toot toot).

Forgive the mirror selfie with (clean) laundry pile in the background. I finished this at 10:30ish PM and I was too excited to clean up before taking pics!

Frank says HI though! (Also he told me I look really good. Frank’s such a good bear.)

And because I’m me, You get this lovely pic. Prompt from Mike was, “Do something with your face!” I cannot be trusted to look normal in pictures….