Pegs Mod! Back ZIPPED Pocket!

EXTRA EXTRA, READ AAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL ABOUT IT! I made a back waistband pocket on a pair of Pegs that has a zipper and is AMAZING!

Since it took me a good while to figure this out, here have some interesting picture tutorials. Nevermind the fact that I had to put the zipper in last minute, pretend that squiggly is a zipper 😉

Cut two fronts and two backs.

Fold in one back piece by 1/2″ and attach zipper with pull a little below the top (for seam allowance to the other back piece).

Serge the tops of the back pieces together.

Serge the tops of the front pieces together.

This is where it gets…confusing.

Place the back piece (right sides out) on one piece of the front (right side up). You are going to be sandwiching the back pieces in between the front pieces.

The sandwich!

You’ve got the front (right side up), back piece (right sides out) with zipper, and front (right side down). On the other side it’s just front back back front.

Flip right sides out.

From there you just attach to your already-assembled Pegs as normal.

Doesn’t look the best off, but is great on.

Pixel 2 XL for scale (aka hueg phone).

Ta da!

I had to put the zipper in because though it worked 100% without it in theory, but it gaped open like above in practice. But I had a zipper on hand and thought I could make it work. I did, and I’m really happy with it. It’ll be even nicer when it’s in there from the start.