Project Indecision ™

I now have 8 Mama Ninas. YOU HEARD ME. EIGHT.

Just like when I found a shirt at Target I liked and immediately bought it in every color I liked (two in some colors)… I went a little overboard. Not overboard enough, mind you, because I still have at least one more planned for the near future. But before I can get to show you my Nina Army, you get to read about why I now have a Nina Army.

Project Indecision

Project Indecision is what I get when I finish a project (knitting or sewing, happens to both) is the intense indecision of what to make next. It’s a crafting paralytic. I just do not know what to do. I have the yarn/fabric/patterns I need, but I cannot choose what to do! I can’t even put a yarn/fabric to a pattern, I just stare at my stash and go, “You should be something. But what?!” and then nothing gets done. PI is behind almost all of my knitting slumps, and the reason my fabric stash kept getting bigger and bigger with nothing to show from it.

One of the best things to come from the capsule was knowing what I was going to do next. Having everything cut out was a blast too, even though the cutting part was awful (longest part of the project for anyone else?). I loved having 9 items in a queue, and not only just the “oh maybe this thing” queue, but in a solid, concrete way. I had picked out sizes and fabrics and mods, the only thing left to do was actually make them. Sure, it was hard to sit down and figure it out, but the guideline of the capsule helped a ton. Things that would go together, mix and match. It was great.

When it came to the rest of my fabric, I had a little bit harder of a time. Post-capsule I was left with a lot of fabric I bought for dirt cheap when I first started sewing. It’s mixed with fabrics I’ve bought since – nicer quality, varied prints, etc. But a lot of it is stuff I bought with the full intention of “learning” with. Or I bought way too much of, learned with it, and still have somehow four freaking yards left. I mean, really.

What I ended up doing was measuring and re-folding the mess that I had made of my fabric bins in the capsule rush, and taking pictures of all of them.

Then I started going through patterns that I owned, basically sticking with M4M and P4P because I’ve got them printed, traced, and for the most part, modified to my liking already. Stick with what you know, you know. I wrote down how many yards some of the tops and dresses would be, since I knew that was going to be the majority of my choices. I then stared down each picture. I had the yardage written down, so I could more accurately decide what each item could/should be.

And because I want to explain this process so that it might help others with PI, y’all get my lists.

Athletic Fabrics

I actually decided to skip this bin in it’s entirety. It’s all going to become leggings, shorts, and bras. I’m not really in the mood to make those right now and there are only a couple of options for each, so eh.

Thick Solids and Stripes

It may seem weird to some to have my solids separated, but it makes sense to me. These solids are the thicker materials. They’ve got more structure, they’re warmer, less prone to wrinkling. Aka they’re not rayon spandex. I like them better than RS but I still haven’t figured out what they are, so buying them again is going to be trial and error. Half were purchased at Fabricland 100% unknown fibers, and the other half came when I ordered RS and was pleasantly surprised. I’m sure I’ll find out but for now, they get separated out.

I attacked all of the bins from the top down, outsourcing pattern ideas to the lovely ladies in #sewing.

  • Blue stripes (scuba) – 2 yards
    • Sell. If I searched for long enough and couldn’t think of a single thing I’d like in the fabric, I decided to put it in the “sell” pile.
  • Grey – 1 yard
    • Cross My Heart Cami
  • Navy – 4 yards
    • Mama Nina (tunic or dress?)
    • Maxi Boundless
  • Black – 2 3/8 yards
    • Save for later. I chose to save a couple fabrics for later, since they are so versatile.
  • Red – 2 1/4 yards
    • Carefree Cardi, if I can fit it in
    • Tunic length Boundless if I can’t fit the cardi
  • Thick Stripes – 4 yards
    • Mama Nina
    • LMU
  • Thin Stripes – 3 yards, 1 3/8 yards (two cuts)
    • Infinity scarf with the small cut
    • Sell the large cut
  • Jegging – 2 1/4 yards
    • Mama Bear Joggers



  • White burnout – 3 1/2 yards
    • CMHC
    • Move the rest to the Athletic bin. It’s very thin and would make great pole shirts (breatheable) or swim coverups.
  • Pink – 1 yard
    • CMHC
  • Forest green – 2 1/2 yards
    • Mama Nina, dress, elbow length sleeves
  • Purple – 1 1/2 yards
    • Mama Nina, tunic
  • Teal – 1 yard
    • Top (tank) portion of Boundless
  • Light grey – 2 yards
    • Mama Nina
  • Medium grey – 2 1/2 yards
    • Bottom (skirt) portion of Teal’s Boundless
    • Mama Nina (length depending on yardage remaining)
  • Dark grey – 4 yards
    • Sell. This is the one I had already made a dress AND a shirt out of and still had FOUR YARDS left of. Sell sell sell.
  • Blue and green DK’s
    • Keep for later. I have no idea what they should be, and no desire to use them anytime soon. But they’re thick and soft and I’m sure I’ll find a use come winter time so they’re just getting saved (and moved to another bin).


  • Galaxy – 2 1/8 yards
    • Sell. Though I have since decided it would work great for a hack I have in mind for a Mama Claire, but I gotta practice that on some fabric I’ve ordered specifically for that purpose.
  • Gold/black floral (scuba) – 2 yards
    • Faux wrap Mama Isabel
  • Floral (scuba) – 2 5/8 yards
    • Keep for when I haven’t literally just made a maxi dress out of it.
  • Watercolor floral – 1 1/2 yards
    • Mama Nina, tunic
  • Sweetheart – 1 3/8 yards
    • Pencil skirt (black DBP band)
  • All DBP’s (black, red, blue, raisin) – lots, lots, lots, 2 yards
    • Keep! For what, who knows? But keep!
  • Aztec – 4 yards
    • Mama Nina for my mom
    • PSD for my mom
  • Birdies – 2 yards
    • Sell. I’ve made myself a shirt and my mom a shirt and I just can’t use any more of it.
  • Tan floral – 2 yards
    • Sell. It’s not the color I wanted 🙁

Sweater Knits

  • Floral (french terry) – 3 yards
    • Oversized raglan (relaxed? SFR?)
    • Mama Bear Joggers
  • Blue (french terry) – 3/4 yards
    • Moved to the remnant drawer, not really enough for me to make anything I super want of it.
  • Red, cream, and black – 1 1/2, 2, 2 yards
    • Sell. Fast fingers sale in which I can’t figure out what to make anything out of it.
  • Black heather – 1 1/4 yards
    • Keep to coordinate with purple
  • Lightweight teal – 2 1/2 yards
    • Carefree cardi
  • Black – 1 1/4 yards
    • Sell. Already have a Cocoon out of it.
  • Grey – 3 yards
    • Keep. For something. Who knows what? It’s so soft I just want to pet it.
  • Red/black stripes – 3 yards
    • PSD
  • Grey stripes – 3 yards
    • Carefree Cardi


That right there is the vast majority of my stash. I’ve got some drawers with bits (remnants, wovens, lace), but I really just wanted to tackle the big knits. I obviously reserve my right to change my mind, but man I’ve got a lot to look forward to!

These lists have totaled 24 items. And that doesn’t even include anything from the athletic bin or the larger cuts I’ve decided to save for later.

But you might have noticed that a quarter of the items are Mama Ninas. Which is how I ended up with a Nina Army. Which is what I honestly intended to write about but I got WAY out of hand. Sorry! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to put my face on and take entirely too many pictures of myself. I mean, actually write the post I meant to and tell you all about my new Nina Army.