Pumpkin Spice Dolman, Revisited

As a typical new mama, I’m iffy on my “new” body shape. New in quotes because as soon as I can, I’m going to be working on getting it back to what it was before. (I miss pole so much!) But, mama needs clothes that fit her NOW and make her feel GOOD. Sooooooooooooooooo……….

Pumpkin Spice Dolman to the rescue!

I’ve already made a couple, with plans to make a bunch more. I’ve got the mods to what I want already, so I’m excited to just bust more out.

The first I made was in Raisin DBP from Sly Fox Fabrics. It was the first DBP I actually ever bought, in a bundle with Allure. It’s not a color I would’ve chosen on it’s own but I actually really like it!

Modifications were as follows: added a cuff, made a medium-sized band, and just did a turned neck.

The bands on the sleeves make them longer – I like my sleeves to be bunched a bit at the wrist, so I can pull them down over the palms of my hands if I get cold. I cut them at 6″x7.5″ (stretch across the 7.5″) and only took a 1/4″ seam allowance while folding them. The band is roughly the same size as the end of the sleeve, so it’s just there for length and warmth…and so I didn’t have to hem.

The medium band was cut in two pieces so the seams are along each edge. 11″x21″ (stretch across the 21″). Full 1/2″ seam allowance for the band. I did 11″ because I wanted the band to be around 5″ high. That length brings the hem to just around my gluteal fold, which I think is just the right length for a tunic (read: wear with leggings). The full band is 16.5″ (for size XL), and the smaller band is 7″. So 11″ is nicely in between.

The neck isn’t quite the way I want it to be, but I haven’t decided how to redo it to make it just so. I just serged around the neck and folded it down (used some washaway hem tape) and zigzagged. I didn’t really need to do a zigzag because the PSD neck is so wide it doesn’t need to stretch. So once it stretched out a bit, it lost it’s shape. On the second PSD (pictured below), I serged around the neck, turned (without the tape) and used a bias binder foot to evenly straight stitch twice (not using a twin needle). The bias binder foot was really helpful because it kept the edge at exactly where I needed it to be. Someday I’m sure I’ll use it for it’s intended purpose, but right now I’m excited to have a way of hemming (non-stretch) until I finally buy a coverstitch.

I’ve already worn both of them twice – and I made them around a week ago. The red one is in a brushed hacci from Allielane in Abbyville. I absolutely adore this fabric, and the customer service from this shop is insane! Join their group on FB for news/updates 🙂

Look forward to seeing more PSD’s!


What sewing with a baby looks like….

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