Ranger: The Sweater that Wasn’t

Well, there’s good news and bad news.

Good news: Ranger is squishy AF, a beautiful pattern, and really quite lovely.

Bad news: It’s in the frogpond for various reasons.

  • I made the sleeves first. One sleeve is a completely different color than the rest.
  • The other skeins need to be alternated, though it’s much less noticeable.
  • Most importantly: it’s the wrong size.


This is actually the best possible outcome. I finished the body and tried it on for fit, fell in love with the feel, and then looked in the mirror. Dye lots. Shit. Shit shit shit. But, Mike tried it on last night and it’s delightfully too small. AKA it needs to be frogged anyways for size so the other issues just don’t matter as much. And since I was going to be short on yarn anyways, I couldn’t use this yarn again if I wanted to. All’s well that ends well.

Other good news, I guess, is that I have some beautiful buttons from my trip out to Colorado to visit Amanda. I’ll still use them, just for something else.

A NaKniSweMo note: I passed 50k (56632) before it needed to be frogged.