Sarah’s Wedding Shawl

Summer is the season of weddings! (Let’s just ignore the fact I got married in October :D). I was invited to a June wedding by a good pole friend. With all the weddings in the last couple of years, I’ve blown through all of my wedding appropriate outfits. I took a risk on a dress from a new brand I found on Amazon and was pleasantly surprised with the result. I went with the dark purple, size XL because I always err on the side of too big when it comes to new brands. I probably could have gone with a large, but it was comfortable and I wasn’t self conscious at all.

Tell Tale Mulberry – Fountain of Youth

Except…what self respecting knitter goes to a wedding without a lace shawl? With nothing on hand that matched my new purple dress, I was a woman on a mission. Keep in mind I hadn’t decided on needing a shawl until the Monday before the Saturday wedding, silly me. I did a quick stash dive and found a beautiful blue in 100% silk by from Tell Tale Yarn.

With the yarn decided, it was time to search for a pattern. I have a problem of favoriting everything pretty on Ravelry (I have over three thousand favorites), but it didn’t take me long to decide on the Lale Lace Shawl. It has a mock cable body and a flower inspired edge.

Four days of knitting later (June 14th-17th), the shawl was done and set out to block.

Color balance on not-white blocking mats is hard, yo

Blocking was interesting, as it took me far too long to decide where to pin the edges. Overall, I was very happy with the end result.

Oh yeah, dress turned out to be just a little bit boob-y ;).

Bonus pic with the bride! Absolutely gorgeous 😀