Sewing Saturday – Modified P4P Slim Fit Raglan

So here I am again, finally sewing something I cannot wait to share! I’ve been in a wee bit of a rut, mostly due to not feeling like I have enough time to sew. Busy weekends lead to no sewing. And that’s a shame, since just a couple weeks ago I got a BRAND NEW SERGER! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Okay so I looked at the calendar and it’s technically only been two weeks since I got the serger. The last weekend in February I went up to my mom’s/gramma’s for a birthday dinner since we were at Disney on my birthday. I got two of the best presents ever, this serger, and a trip to Fabricland. Even Mike came along for the fun, which it absolutely was. With absolutely no prior knowledge, we just so happened to go there on their crazy members sale (yup, we’re members now) which everything was 50% off. Even the fabrics that were $3/m (hello, extra couple of inches) were half off. I walked out with a very, very heavy bag that Mike carried, and a MUCH lighter wallet. Things working in my favor though were: the Canadian Dollar is still pretty crap, and everything was in meters. So score one for this girl. Also, couple of the fabrics I got were literally labeled “100% Unknown Fibers” so now I feel way less bad for never remembering what fabric I used. 😛

  • PatternPatterns for Pirates – Slim Fit Raglan
  • Size: Large
  • Fabric:
    • “100% Unknown Fibers” – soft knit in a navy blue and a lightish-dark gray. (The blue was purchased a couple weeks ago and the gray back from my first trip to the store last year. I am pretty damn sure it’s actually the same fabric.)
  • Modifications:
    • Lowered the neckline all around by 2″.
    • Shortened the bodice by 1″. Next time I will shorten it just by .5″, as it’s bordering right where I want it and I think a bit longer would work.
    • Shortened the 3/4 sleeves by 1.5″. I like sleeves that end right at or around my elbow. Short sleeves are meh, long sleeves are MEH, and actual 3/4 length sleeves (mid-forearm) are awkward AF. Elbow length ftw.
    • Color blocked.

Bonus Cocoon Cardi!