Sewing Sunday – It’sa Me, Mannequin!

Having had a pretty awful ruining-pleat morning, I went out and got the “ingredients” needed to make myself a dress form. A little mini me, without the “mini” part. I had seen a pin for a duct tape one, and Amanda warned me that it wasn’t a great idea because it would be awful to pin through. A little more research later led me to an instructable for a paper tape version.

It took a stupid amount of time to find paper tape, but Staples was the way to go. All I needed was a shitty t-shirt to ruin, and that came from the back corner of Mike’s closet.

I would like to give a very large shoutout to Mike, and his patience and attention to detail. All I really did for this process was stand there and cut off pieces of tape. And turn. And turn the other way. And lift my arm, no lower my arm. I follow directions well at least, and it only took 90 minutes or so. Long enough that I desperately needed to sit down when it was over. Standing with half-decent posture is hard, also my butt was getting incredibly cold. 😀

I think the absolute hardest part of the whole process was getting it off of me. Mike kept inadvertently touching me with the tips of the scissors and it made me jump every time. Not a good thing when you have scissors up against your skin… So he eventually just ended up sticking his hand up the back to protect between the scissors and me. It worked, but that was only the half of it! I wanted to get my shoulders and upper arms done too, and getting the arms out was so difficult. They were by far the tightest part – probably because they weren’t effected by my breathing . I was making sure to take deep breaths the whole time so that it wouldn’t be overly tight and give me problems. I ended up doing a very interesting wiggle dance (sorry, no video :p) to get the first arm out and then sorta mushed it a bit to get it off the other.

Sitting on the kitchen floor (sitting down was a god send), I then sealed up the back seam, and did a bit of patching. It still has a bit of work to be really good, but this is me! No waist and all!

It’s really amusing to have a bust…of your bust. 😀 😀 😀

Got a pretty nice pair, if I do say so myself.

Got a pretty nice pair, if I do say so myself.