Sewing Sunday – Quickie Cowl

Couldn’t let a weekend go by without sewing something!

Waking up at 7:20am on a Sunday is bullshit, but when you’re awake, you’re awake. I decided to turn this massive amount of free time while Mike was sleeping into a two-color cowl. I followed this tutorial that I found via pinterest, of course. Where else do you find sewing patterns? (If anyone wants to put together the sewing version of Ravelry, I promise to love you forever. I’ve been so spoiled by rav!)

  • Pattern: Sew Petite Girl’s 15-minute Infinity Scarf
  • Size: 14″ wide by 52″ around
  • Modifications: shortened due to stash
  • Fabric: some random black jersey I bought literally 7 or 8 years ago, and a thicker purple knit that I have no idea what it is. God I am bad at this.

I chose the purple because I’m going to a Huskies football game next weekend and my wardrobe has a surprisingly little amount of purple. Also it will likely be cold and rainy and who doesn’t love scarves/cowls? I sure do.

I look haggard AF this morning (see above wake-up time :P), so you no eyes for you.

Comment with your favorite quickie stash busters. I’ve got a lot more Sunday mornings to fill 🙂