Spring Mini Capsule Update 1

Happy April!

It’s a few days into the Spring Mini Capsule contest from Made for Mermaids and Patterns for Pirates. My first goal was to finish three of the nine items by the contest end (April 10). I can very happily say that I have already achieved that goal, and there are still 9 days left! Eeeee!


Mama Claire

  • Pattern: Mama Claire by Made for Mermaids
  • Fabric: Rayon Spandex – Solid light/medium grey
  • Size: Indigo
  • Modifications:
    • Sleeves (see below)
    • Tacked together the v – high enough that it would cover my bra strap when worn with the v to the back.

I hemmed the first sleeve (3/4) as written and tried it on. It weirdly stuck out from my arm, and was in a weird spot in general. I pushed it up to be right at my elbow and liked it, so I folded the fabric up and marked the elbow spot on the arm. Moved over to my cutting mat and measured from armpit to new fold: 7″. Unfolded the sleeve and lined it up with the guidelines on the mat and schwing rotary cut off the end of the sleeve. Repeated on the second sleeve, marking 7″ from the armpit along the side seam. Schwing again. 

Now I’ve got two sleeves the approximate length I want them, but they still need to be finished. The fabric that I’m using just does not want to look nice while hemmed, and I plan on pushing the sleeve up to sit right at my elbow crease and not move. So of course I am going to band it. I really like the bands on my SFRs (1, 2) so I measured the width of the new sleeve end – 11″. I played with my phone’s calculator and found the whole-inch measurement closest to .8x the width: 9″. Added .5″ for seam allowance (serging with the knife down) and cut two 2×9.5″ bands. I managed to cut them out of a scrap that was left over from my bad bodice placement – I was already working out of the scrappy end of a cut of fabric so I had to be creative. Serged them onto the new sleeve end with a 1/2″ seam allowance and was very pleased.

One more note: I played with the differential feed on my serger before embarking on this project and I am so happy I did. It went a million times better than the last project I made with this same fabric. Here’s to getting better at sewing!

Mama Chloe

This is my first time using what I would regard as a really nice fabric. Not something bought on clearance (fabricland). Not something bought in a sale from a really big site (craftsy, fabricmart). Something really nice and bought from a smaller online store (Sly Fox Fabrics). My opinion is that it’s super soft, and really, really…sticky? Static-y? Grippy? Anyways, putting the right sides together was like joining velcro. Once it was in place (not necessarily the place you wanted it to be in), it stayed. No budging. Just PFFT I’M HERE NOW. That took me a little bit to get used to, as it’s completely different experience from the rayon spandex (which is like a mo-fo slip’n’slide).

Mama Ava

  • Pattern: Mama Ava by Made for Mermaids
  • Fabric: black poly rayon with birdies, aka “birbs” from fabricmart.com
  • Size: Blue
  • Modifications:
    • Curved hem, v neck.

I had the hardest time with this v neck. The three pictures in the tutorial were okay, I think I was just a little hangry and confused so it was a struggle. But after a while (likely the same amount of time it took to construct the whole rest of the thing!) I got it and think it looks good. Topstitched as well.

Curved hem went way better this time because I bought some hem tape. It took a little fudging on the highly curved parts, but overall I think it’s just fine.

I’d like to thank the weather for cooperating today. I still don’t have the hang of this photos thing but am still pleased with the natural light.