STASH thoughts

I have a good friend who says her stash is an investment. She has money and space now, but not enough time to knit everything so she stashes for when she will have time, but no additional money or space.

I have another friend who refuses to upload her full stash into Ravelry, saying that it forces her to keep the total small enough to mentally manage.

Then there’s Debbie, the best author on this here blog, who is exceedingly organized about her stash, even if it’s large or small.

I’m finally almost as organized as Debbie and I’m finding it difficult to articulate my actual feelings about my stash.

There are 85,916.9 yards of yarn in my stash. Let’s break this down into more meaningful numbers.

  • An adult sweater uses about 1,000-2,000 yards of yarn. I have somewhere between 42 and 86 sweaters in my stash.
  • One pair of socks uses about 300 yards of yarn. I have more than 250 pairs of socks in my stash.
  • One adult hat uses about 100 yards of yarn. I have more than 750 hats in my stash.

If I knit 100 yards of yarn every single day, the equivalent of 2/3 of a sock, or an entire hat, it would take me almost 2.5 years to finish knitting what I already have stashed.

I guess in order to understand how I feel about my stash, you have to understand that when I look at the cabinet it’s stored in, I don’t see 85,916.9 yards of possibility or the equivalent hours of calm entertainment, I see all of the projects I bought for that do not yet exist in tangible form. I see about 12 sweaters and 20 pairs of socks, and several smaller accessories. I see 3 different Adamas, a Vivid, and a beautiful wardrobe. I see a completed project for every ball of yarn my mother has bought me hoping for a new item for herself.

I don’t really see freedom and fun most of the time. I see everything I wish I’d already finished.

I have all of my yarn in a cute little 3 shelf cabinet from Ikea. I’ve set a goal between now and the end of 2019 to empty one single shelf of the cabinet, so that I can store WIPs, and my swift and winder inside the cabinet instead of packing only yarn in it. I’m not giving myself any rules about having to use up the yarn, if I want to rearrange, that’s allowed! But a first tangible step is to make some room for the rest of my “stuff” to reduce the visual clutter and associated stress.

If any of y’all have gone through a “stash-down” or similar experience, I’d love to hear from you!