Stash Update- October 18

So what’s happening with the stash?


Well, a few things. I realized that I totaled the wrong column when I went through my stash overview last month, and therefore overshot my mark by about 20,000 yards. Which, honestly and a little sadly… isn’t a lot conceptually compared to the mental load of the stash total. So let’s do a quick relative total evaluation.

This month:  +3,088 yards

Ouch, right? But I had the opportunity to go shopping for yarn WITH a future gift recipient, so decided to take advantage of the inside information.

Also this month: Finishing a sweater, 4 coasters, and a trivet

I finished the knitting on 2 pairs of felted slippers, some wool soakers with leftovers, finished my available stash working on my oldest WIP (a really garbage mitered square blanket), and began a fingering-sport weight scrap project.

And finally, I cast on some knitting voodoo and spent some time winding. I hate winding when it’s the only thing between me and knitting progress so I cleared out a shelf and put everything that I have that is “ready to knit” on it. And wound up my handspun so I can use it up. Oh, and I finished my reknit of Adama, which of course I have not taken a picture of yet.

So, what’s my yardage total for “using it up”? -3,089 yards.

Hey look, you know what that means? Progress!

Net progress: -1 yard.