The BEST Sports Bra

I don’t think it’s a surprise that I work out a lot. I’ve been poling for 5 (!!) years now. I also started going to Orangetheory last August. The funny thing about these two exercises is that the clothing required is so incredibly different. I was really trying to make due with the bras I owned already – pre baby Victoria Secrets sports bras, high impact Lynx, and bras I’ve made on my own. My me-made bras work really well for pole, but not so much for OTF.

I wasn’t really looking for a new sports bra when I came across an ad for SheFit. I think it was in Instagram, since every fourth “post” is an ad now 🙄. But I was definitely intrigued. They have a couple of different styles but I was really mostly interested in the highest impact one for running in. I like to be as cinched in as possible for running.

The Ultimate Sports Bra

Ultimate Sports Bra - Focus

What’s different with this bra? It’s highly adjustable. Highly. There are three different places to adjust it – the band and both straps. They are all velcro.

You start with everything loosened. There are two hooks behind the zipper so you can more easily zip up (also backup in case something happens with the zipper!). Then you cinch the band, then the straps. This way most of the support is coming from the band.

I uncrossed my straps, as I have large trapezoid muscles and anything that crosses in the back just rides up towards my neck. It was really easy to change the cross – completely detach the velcro and remove them from the front. Uncross and reinsert and you’ve got straight straps.


It’s got it’s little “fit finder” but I found a chart to make it much easier:

According to the “Fit Finder” 34DDD is 1LUXE. It’s the first one I purchased. It fits, and I like it a lot. BUT the band is tightened to the extent of it’s abilities. When I purchased my second, I went down to a LUXE as my underbust is 33″ (bust 40″). It still fits in the bust, which I was concerned about by going down a size. There’s more wiggle room for tightening in the band, what I was aiming for. All subsequent ones will be LUXE. By the way, these sizes make my eyes roll so hard. I’d have been fine with Large/XL/XXL/etc…

Overall Review:

I. Love. This. Bra. It’s now the only bra I will wear at OTF. With only two, it’s leading me to doing more laundry though ;). A fun perk when it arrives is that it comes with it’s own lingerie bag. I do recommend air drying but it’s not the end of the world if it ends up in the dryer.

I highly suggest giving this bra a try if you like the feeling of being held in like a mo-fo. ALSO, it’s the easiest bra to take off post-workout. Uncinch the band/straps, unzip, and you’re done. No more struggling to take it off overhead! <3

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