The Unattended Masses

As I was working on my WIP from this past Wednesday, I made an effort to dig up all the projects that had gotten lost in the shuffle to share them with you all, and hopefully start to resolve the clutter one way or another.

I ended up sorting them into to-be-finished and to-be-frogged piles after considering why they had ended up as UFOs in the first place.  The UFOs that belong in the to-be-frogged pile are there because I wasn’t ready to face the reality of frogging them, and so they sat…because I wasn’t happy knitting them either.

Frog Pond:

The UFOs in the to-be-finished pile are there either because I didn’t have something I needed, in order to finish them, or because something went wrong in the WIP process. Whether it was the move, or a mis-placed needle, or a row that requires tinking, or some counting I pouted about, these projects, I still like enough to want to finish.

Finishable UFOs:

And full disclosure, I swear there aren’t any more in here: just look at my project bag pile!

all empty!

all empty!

I know it’s common for knitters to be comfortable with their knitting habits, and categorize themselves as a certain “type” of knitter. I am particularly avoiding doing that…what I know is that I am uncomfortable with the level of clutter in my crafts, currently, because I see it as evidence of an acquisitional phase I was in during a less happy time in my life. And I would like to continue to address it without shame.